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A couple of weeks ago, I featured an adorable Tortoiseshell Cat Printable Paper Doll from KittyCat Art Studios. Laura has since added four additional designs: a tuxedo, a Himalayan, and two different kinds of Siamese cats.

Digital Tortoiseshell Cat Printable Paper Doll Details

This adorable doll is sent to you digitally in jpeg format. You simply download it and print out out at home. It is designed to print on regular letter size paper, but you can resize it to a smaller size if you’d like.  You will need brads to assemble the doll. If you’re a crafter, you may already have them, if not, they’re readily available from Amazon.


Card stock works best. Once you’ve printed your doll, poke holes on the marked dots, assemble with your brads, and you’re done!


If you prefer a pre-assembled cat mailed to you, you can message Laura through Etsy for cost and a custom listing.

To see more and to purchase, please visit Laura’s Etsy Shop.

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    • I bought one of the tortie cutouts for my granddaughter who just loves my tortie Cleo. She was so surprised and happy when she saw it!! And I want to say that Laura was a real dream to work with – she has the BEST customer service ever!!

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