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We all know that cats have a special way of entering our hearts and staying there forever. Now there’s a purrfect way to celebrate that special love: the Precious Moments Home is Where My Cats Are Figurine.

This limited-edition figurine from The Hamilton Collection is handcrafted of fine porcelain and hand-painted in the signature Precious Moments pastel palette by Master Artisans. Best of all, The Hamilton Collection proudly supports the ASPCA’s mission to save animals’ lives!

Home is Where My Cats Are

The look of this cat mom figurine is as heartwarming as the meaning behind it. Delight in all of the sweet details, from her “I ❤ My Cats” mug to the paw print design on the rug. The base of this figurine shares a sentiment that is sure to resonate with all cat parents: “Home is Where My Cats Are.” I love how her four cats all have differently-colored coats and personalities. The only thing that would make this figurine even more purffect would be a tortie.


Visit The Hamilton Collection to learn more about this limited-edition cat figurine, and the other adorable cat figurines they offer. All of them are limited-edition figurines, so pounce over there now so you don’t miss out!

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