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I came across this plush cat tunnel condo combination and really liked it. It was definitely designed by someone who really knows cats. Allegra and Ruby are hoping Santa will drop one off at our house.


This tunnel and condo combination features two plush condos with durable, natural sisal exteriors.The sisal parts double as a scratcher.


What makes this item really unique is that it can be retracted. If you have cats that get easily bored with condos or toys, you can store it away without it taking up a ton of space. Bring it out again a couple of weeks later, and your cats will think they’ve got a brand new item!

The Ginger Plush Nesting Cat Condo is available from Amazon.

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  1. What a perfect upgrade on an average tunnel. This is incredible. So cozy looking, it’s going on our Xmas wishlist for sure. Everyone will have fun.

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