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We’re big fans of PetFusion’s innovative cat products, and their newest offering, the Ultimate Window Perch Cat Climber, doesn’t disappoint. This clever design is a window perch, scratching post and cat tree, all in one piece!


  • Safe and sturdy: a 42” high scratching post with a small base for added support
  • Three heavy duty suction cups that attache to the window for additional safety
  • Open platform with a soft lounging pad
  • Replacement posts available
  • Easy minimal assembly


A fantastic combination piece to satisfy your cat’s natural instincts

I love the thought that went into this design – PetFusion clearly knows and understands cats. This one piece satisfies multiple needs: it allows your cat to scratch, climb and  watch the world go by. The simple, unobtrusive design will blend easily with any decor, and since the perch doesn’t need to be permanently bolted onto a window sill or wall, it can be moved to keep things interesting for your cats.

The PetFusion Ultimate Window Perch Cat Climber is available from Amazon.

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