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Petfinder wants your help to prove that everyone can love a cat. Even though cats far outnumber dogs in the United States, they have long been seen as second-class pets by many people. Petfinder’s new campaign, “I am a Cat Parent,” hopes to dispel the stereotypes that are often attached to people who love cats, including the “crazy cat lady” moniker that is one of my pet peeves. The campaign aims to bring cats and cat parents into the spotlight to show us for what we are – real, funny, down-to-earth, inventive and diverse.

To that end, Petfinder offers a number of fun features on their website to help spread the word about the joys of being a cat parent.


Help spread the word that everyone can love a cat. Share this post or Petfinder’s badges on your social networks, write a blog post about the campaign, and educate others about the joys of loving cats.

For more information about the campaign, visit I am a Cat Parent on Petfinder.


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9 Comments on Petfinder Launches “I am a Cat Parent” Campaign

  1. Cats as second class pets!!! Pshaw!! Whoever thinks that has never truly spent any time in the company of cats, the best pet ever!

    I joke about the crazy cat lady thing, but only because it irritates me and I hope that by making light of it people will come to their senses. I am crazy, but that has nothing to do with having cats! LOL.

  2. This is an excellent campaign. Our mom might be crazy…and she has cats…but she hates being called a crazy cat lady. 🙂

  3. This is a wonderful Idea. I have been called the “crazy cat lady” before. I am a big cat lover.

  4. This is such a brilliant campaign!!!! I wish I had thought of it, especially since I’m really trying to grow the cat community on – it seems like so many sites are dog-heavy. Us cat lovers and our cats need some attention too!

    • I’m sure that Petfinder wouldn’t have any problems with you starting a similar campaign on Pet360, Rebecca – it’s all for the good of the cats! And I agree with you, far too many pet sites are weighed too heavily toward dogs.

  5. I love this campaign!
    I am definitely a proud cat parent. In fact my silly kitty Waffles was a cat. I was in love long before I held him in my arms and had him chasing a wand toy around the shelter.

    I only wish I could have brought them all home.

    • Aww, I didn’t realize you found Waffles on Petfinder, Debbie! I know what you mean about wanting to bring all of them home.

  6. Yep I got the email too! I was waiting for the HTMLS to be fixed on their website…glad to see that they are!

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