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When you share your home with cats, accidents happen. Whether it’s the occasional hairball, or litter box issues, most cat guardians are on the quest for the purr-fect stain and odor remover. I thought I’d make things easier for you by recommending a few products that I have tested and use myself, and they really get the job done.

When you choose cleaning products, please don’t use any products that contain chemicals. Many household cleaners contain contain hazardous ingredients such as organic solvents and petroleum based chemicals which can release volatile organic compounds into your indoor air. Some ingredients in household cleaners are known to cause cancer in animals and are suspected human carcinogens. Lysol, Pine-sol and other products containing phenols are deadly to cats as they can cause serious liver damage. Chlorox bleach, especially when concentrated, can cause chemical burns when it comes in contact with sensitive cat paws. Use pet-friendly products instead.

White Distilled Vinegar and Baking Soda

Sometimes, all it takes to clean up stains is white distilled vinegar. You can’t get any safer, and any less expensive, than that. Apply a diluted solution (one part vinegar and one part water) to help remove the appearance and odor of pet stains from carpets.

Baking soda can be used to clean stains: make a paste with warm water and scrub the area gently, then vacuum when the carpet is dry. To remove odors, sprinkle liberally on dry carpet before vacuuming.

Use a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda in carpet steam cleaning machines.



Fizzion is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaner. The solution is designed to go to the root of the stain and  odor, and form a shield around the stain while it works on it. Unlike enzymatic cleaners that can require long waiting periods to activate, Fizzion works instantly on contact. The cleaner has a very subtle, fresh scent. I usually only use unscented products in my home, but this particular scent is unobtrusive enough and doesn’t bother me. I’ve used this on vomit and urine stains on white carpet, and it works well for both without a lot of effort.

This cleaner is recommended by Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy, and is available on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.



This aptly named cleaner “eats” the organic waste that creates the odor. It is fast acting and starts working on contact. I’ve used it on vomit and urine stains on white carpet, and it works well for both.  I’ve also seen it work on tile and concrete floors in the veterinary clinics I worked at. It can also be used to periodically spray areas that have been cleaned to get rid of any lingering odors.

Anti-Icky Poo is available on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

NOse Offense


This product does not remove stains, but it’s a great odor remover. I like that it’s completely fragrance-free, and it eliminates odors rapidly. Pet odors are not a big problem at my house, but I use this regularly in trash cans and to remove cooking odors from my home, and it works great, so I’m pretty sure it would work equally well on pet odors.

NOse Offense is available from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

Zero Odor


I was first introduced to Zero Odor about a year ago at a feline behavior seminar hosted by Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, BVMS, DACVB. Zero Odor was a sponsor of the seminar and each attendee received a bottle of the Zero Odor Litter Spray. Litter odor is not a problem at my house – I scoop practically the minute Allegra or Ruby leave their box – but I decided to put the product to the test for other “odor challenges,” such as trash cans and cooking odors, and it worked remarkably well for those. It leaves no scent behind, which is a big plus as far as I’m concerned.

Zero Odor products are available from Amazonwith free shipping for Prime members.

Critterzone Air Purifier


The Critterzone Air Purifier works magic on urine odors. Simply blot the area, then put this powerful little unit over the damp spot upside down and leave for about half an hour. It will get rid of any residual odors.

The Critterzone Air Purifier is available from Use code CONSCIOUSCAT to get $10 off each unit.

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