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Research in human medicine is starting to reveal that the vast ecosystem of organisms in our digestive systems, also known as the microbiome, might be the key to health and healthy aging. And thankfully, researchers are also starting to look at and understand just how much this complex system impacts the health of our companion animals.

NomNomNow’s Research and Development Team is at the forefront of some of this research.  Headed by Dr. Ryan Honaker, Director of Microbiology (also known as their “Poop Czar,.) they are working on analyzing the microbiomes of cats and dogs through DNA sequencing techniques. NomNomNow will utilize the findings to optimize diet and processes, thereby further enhancing the lives of pets.

The more data, the better the team can help pets everywhere. And now you can help them with their research!


Participate in the microbiome study and get $50 toward subscription meals and non-food items

By participating in NomNomNow’s microbiome study, you’ll be advancing pet health science and get $50 good toward subscription meals and non-food items, for your contribution. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Order your Microbiome Kit

To participate, order a FREE Microbiome Kit (a $60 retail value!) The kits are super easy to use. Read our review here.

2. Collect your cat’s sample

When you have received your Microbiome Kit, follow the instructions to collect and register your cat’s sample.

3. Return your sample and fill out health assessment surveys

After registering your cat’s sample, mail it back to NomNomNow for analysis. While your report is being processed, fill out your cat’s health assessment surveys.

4. Claim your $50

Once NomNomNow receives your cat’s sample and you’ve completed all the health assessment surveys, you will receive an email with instructions to claim your $50.**

If you have any questions, please contact NomNomNow at [email protected].


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**Rules for eligibility:
1. Limit one (1) Microbiome Testing Kit per household.
2. Microbiome Kit must be redeemed via linked form.
3. $50 reward will be applied as NomNomNow credit to be used towards subscription meals or non-food items.
4. Limited quantities available, while supplies last.