10 Subtle Signs Your Cat May Be Sick


Cats are masters at hiding signs of illness. This is a throwback to their wild origins: in the wild, a sick animal easily becomes prey. Because of this, it’s up to cat parents to know what to look for. Any changes in your cat’s normal routine, behavior and attitude could be the first indicator that something is wrong.Continue Reading

What Do The Terms on Pet Food Labels Really Mean?


I’ve written extensively about feline nutrition and my recommendations based on what our obligate carnivores need for optimal health. Generally speaking, the progression from most desirable to least desirable is a raw food diet (either commercial or homemade), a home cooked whole food diet, or grain-free canned food. I do not recommend any dry food for cats. But even within these parameters, the available options can be overwhelming.  Pet food labels should be a useful tool to help cat parents decide which foods to select. Unfortunately, food labels are more about marketing than providing information.Continue Reading

Review: Soul Cats: How Feline Friends Teach Us to Live from the Heart


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I’ve been blessed with several soul cats. Each of these special cats changed my life in ways I never could have imagined, from my first cat Feebee, who guided me toward a new career, to Amber, the original conscious cat who inspired this website, to Buckley who inspired my first book, to Ruby, who, more than any other cat I’ve had, taught me to love fully with my whole being, to Allegra, who continues to teach me so many lessons every day. In Soul Cats: How Our Feline Friends Teach Us to Live from the Heart, Tamara Schenk shares the story of her cats and how caring for them through their senior years transformed her life and her understanding of the human-animal bond.Continue Reading