Mews and Nips: Do Cats Prefer Warm Food?


When a cat refuses to eat, one suggestion is to slightly warm their food. It’s never a good idea to offer food straight from the refrigerator, and gently warming food not only  makes it easier on a cat’s tummy, but can also enhance the food’s smell. Another hypothesis is that warming makes the food resemble “prey temperature.” Dr. Mikel Delgado takes a look at a recent study that explored whether warming a cat’s food increases its appeal. Visit What Your Cat Wants to read more about the study.

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Why You Should Consider Pet Insurance


Could you easily afford to pay $1000 to $3000 if your cat had a sudden medical emergency? Could you cover the cost of a prolonged illness, which can easily run into several thousand dollars? Can you easily pay for your cat’s annual or bi-annual exam, preventive lab work, and dental cleaning? Costs for routine exams vary depending on location, and can range anywhere from $50 to $150. A routine dentistry can cost $500; add in a few extractions or other problems, and you’re looking at $1500 and more.Continue Reading

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The Conscious Cat 2021 Holiday Gift Guide


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Welcome to The Conscious Cat 2021 Holiday Gift Guide – your one-stop shopping spot for all the cats and cat lovers on your holiday gift list! This year’s guide features only the best products for cats and cat lovers on the market. And even better: many of the companies featured are offering exclusive discounts to Conscious Cat readers!

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Mews and Nips: Keep Your Cats Safe on Halloween


I’m pretty sure that if cats had anything to say about it, they’d get rid of Halloween. From a cat’s perspective, there’s not much to love about a holiday when strangers come knocking at your door, your humans dress up in weird outfits and scary looking masks, and some  humans even try to put you in costumes. It’s up to us humans to reduce the stress of this holiday for feline family members and keep them safe so everyone can have a happy Halloween. Read our tips to keep your cats safe this weekend.

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worksSOwell 1TDC™ Halloween Sale: Spooktacular Savings!


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If you’re already using 1TDC™, you already know what a great product it is. I don’t use the term “miracle” lightly, but I am using it for this product. Right now is a great time to stock up, or try it for  the first time. The worksSOwell Halloween sale starts today and runs through Monday, November 1. Save a minimum of $5 on all orders, and up to $20 on larger orders.Continue Reading