Mews and Nips: Thai Navy Rescues Cats from Sinking Ship


Thai navy sailors braved choppy waters to launch a dramatic rescue after discovering four cats had been abandoned on a sinking ship that caught fire. After the crew had been taken to safety, the navy was sent to the site of the capsized vessel to check for an oil spill, but discovered a few crew members had been forgotten. Visit Reuters for the full story of this wonderful rescue.

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Giveaway: Win 20 Pounds of Darwin’s Raw Cat Food for Your Cat and for Your Favorite Rescue or Shelter


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Embraced for decades by holistically oriented pet parents and holistic veterinarians, raw feeding is becoming more and more mainstream as cat parents look for alternatives to feeding highly processed commercial pet foods. I’ve been feeding raw for the past ten years, and have seen my cats thrive on it. For the past five years, I’ve been feeding Darwin’s, and it has become a perennial favorite. Continue reading…

Remembering Ruby: That Time When Ruby Contributed to Science


I am so grateful to have eight years of Ruby’s Reflections to look back on. I remember most of the stories Ruby shared in her very own column, but every once in a while, one comes as a surprise, making me realize how quickly we can forget the small, everyday things after we lose a loved one. It’s one of the many reasons why I encourage people to journal after they lose a cat and write down as many memories as they can. Much as we like to think we’ll always remember, memories fade over time, and capturing them while they’re fresh in our minds is a precious gift to ourselves. Continue reading…

Review: Kitty Sift® Disposable Litter Box and Liner


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When it comes to littler boxes, cleanliness is truly next to godliness. Boxes should be scooped at least once a day, preferably several times a day. At least once a month, the litter should be completely changed out after thoroughly cleaning the box with hot water and unscented soap. And no matter how well you clean, the porous plastic will start to break down eventually, depending on how frequently the box is used. In most cases, litter boxes should be replaced after 6 months to a year. Continue reading…

Mews and Nips: Tortie Covered in Snow and Ice Rescued Just in Time


The weather was freezing cold in Indiana when good Samaritans spotted what they thought was just a big chunk of snow and ice by the side of the road. When they saw a pair of eyes glow in the reflection of their headlights, they immediately turned around to investigate. There was a tortoiseshell cat covered in a layer of snow and ice. She was scrawny, cold, curled up in a ball desperately trying to stay warm. Despite being just skin and bones, her belly was round and she appeared to be pregnant. The took the tortie into their car to warm her up and contacted Catsnip Etc., an all-volunteer cat rescue, who took her in. Two days later, she gave birth to four kittens. For more about Camilla and her babies, visit

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Gwen Cooper’s Curl Up With a Cat Tale Podcast Launches Today


You’ve come to know and love Gwen Cooper for her New York Times bestseller Homer’s Odyssey, her Curl up with a Cat Tale series of short stories, and her many other books. And now, Gwen is launching her new podcast! If you’re a fan of Homer and his family, this is a great way to hear more purr-sonal stories from Gwen. And if you’re not already a fan, you’re sure to become one after listening to her podcast. Continue reading…

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