A Very Special Painting


I’ve admired Bernadette Kazmarski’s art for many years. I first introduced you to this supremely talented artist eight years ago, and Bernadette and I have been friends ever since. She designed the covers for two of my books (Purrs of Wisdom and Adventures in Veterinary Medicine) and has been designing my annual Christmas cards for many years. Several years ago, I commissioned a painting of a friend’s cat. Last year, I commissioned a landscape painting of the beautiful view from a friend’s weekend retreat. Continue reading…

Hauspanter TriPod Cat Lounge by Primetime Petz


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It’s no secret that cats love sinks, so the Hauspanther TriPod was designed to create the same feeling. The clear plastic lounge pod gives your cat a purrfect spot to curl up in, and you get your sink back!

Allegra is no sink aficionado, but Ruby loves to hang out in my bathroom sink occasionally. I couldn’t want to find out what the girls thought of this lounge. Continue reading…

Mews and Nips: Three Year Census Project Wants to Count all of Washington D.C.’s Cats


A unique and ambitious three-year, $1.5 million project organized by the Humane Rescue Alliance, the Humane Society of the United States, PetSmart Charities and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, wants to know how many cats are living in Washington D.C. and how these cats are living their lives. The results will help animal advocates better understand the cats in their community and to help more strays find homes. Two full-time staffers and up to 50 cameras will be deployed on city blocks and in forested areas and parks. Cats will also be counted by sending questionnaires to homes and by simply walking streets to track cats within a particular zip code. Read more about the project in The Washington Post, or visit the DC Cat Count website.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: Continue reading…

Giveaway: Win an Assisi Loop to Help Relieve Your Cat’s Pain


This giveaway is sponsored by Assisi Animal Health

Cats are masters at hiding pain. By the time a cat guardian recognizes that a cat is in pain, chronic pain may already have a considerable impact on the cat’s quality of life. This can be especially true when it comes to arthritis, a degenerative joint disease that affects as many as 3 in 10 cats. Only 7% of cats with arthritis receive treatment for this often debilitating condition.

While there are conventional pain medications that can help control feline pain, most come with considerable risk and negative side effects. The Assisi Loop provides safe and effective pain relief without adverse effects. Continue reading…

Orphan Kitten Club: Dedicated to Saving the Lives of the Tiniest Felines


For the past decade, Hannah Shaw, better known as The Kitten Lady, has dedicated her life to saving the most vulnerable of cats – neonatal kittens. Hannah has a huge following on Instagram, featuring some of the most adorable photos of kittens you’ll ever see online, but she is about so much more than just cute photos. Shaw has become a force in the animal advocacy world, and is the go-to expert on how to save and raise orphaned kittens. In addition to teaching neonatal kitten workshops at shelters around the country, her website and YouTube channel offer a wealth of resources on kitten care. Continue reading…

Archie and Oscar Basket Cat Perch


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Last week, we featured two adorable basket cat beds from Wayfair’s new Archie and Oscar cat product line. Ever since then, Allegra and Ruby have been working on a wish list, and they’ve included this double basket cat perch. Allegra thinks it would be perfect because they could share it. Ruby is not so sure about the sharing part, but she said as long as she can call the shots on who gets which basket, she’ll consider it. Continue reading…

AAFP’s Feline Anesthesia Guidelines Aim to Make Anesthesia Safer for Feline Patients


Every cat parent I know worries when a cat  has to go under anesthesia, including me. Even though I’ve assisted with all sorts of anesthetic procedures and surgeries in my years working in veterinary clinics, and even though I understand how it all works and what constitutes safe anesthetic practice, it still doesn’t completely take the worry out of it. Knowing what to expect when your cat has to undergo anesthesia, and knowing the right questions to ask at your veterinary clinic prior to the procedure so that you can be sure that  your cat’s anesthesia will be done in the safest possible way, can help ease the worry factor. Continue reading…

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