Meet Summer, Therapy Cat and Kitty on the Go


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Meet Summer, a stunning six-year-old Somali who shares her adventures on her blog Sparkle Cat.  She was born on March 10, 2014, and was given the full name of RW GP Tajhara Summer Samba. She is an award winning show cat whose happy, friendly disposition made her an ideal candidate to be a therapy cat. We are big fans of Summer and have been following her blog for a long time. I recently had a chance to interview Summer’s human, Janiss Garza, and I think you’ll enjoy learning more about this playful, mischievous and sweet kitty. Continue reading…

Mews and Nips: Adopt-a-Cat Month During the Pandemic


One of the few silver linings of this pandemic has been that pet adoptions and fosters have increased tremendously while people are staying home, in some cases, even clearing out some shelters. But even with increased adoptions, there are still plenty of cats waiting for their forever homes. June is traditionally Adopt-a-Cat Month. While shelters in some states are slowly reopening and starting in person adoptions again, others are still only doing virtual adoptions. Check with your local shelter if you’re thinking about adopting, but don’t let the idea of adopting a cat virtually stop you from considering it. Visit The Verge for a comprehensive article about how to adopt a pet virtually and safely. For more on virtual adoptions, read our recent feature about how one Washington DC area based rescue group successfully handles contactless adoptions.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: Continue reading…

Review: How to Take Awesome Photos of Cats


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Andrew Marttila is one of the most talented cat photographers I know. His images feature celebrity cats, shelter cats, and house cats with a level of detail that captures each cat’s essence. Andrew graduated with a degree in neuroscience, but he took a different career path when his social media took off while he was finishing school. In How to Take Awesome Photos of Cats, Andrew shares his wealth of knowledge about cat photography. Continue reading…

Review: Okaysou Air Purifier AirMax8L


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Odors are a fact  of life when you share your life with pets, and we all have our preferred ways of dealing with them. I’m always looking for safe and effective ways to eliminate odors so I can share them with you, and I was delighted when the folks at Okaysou asked me to review their AirMax 8L air purifier. Continue reading…

Sunday Quotes: Meltdown


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How many times over the last couple of months have you had a meltdown? Sometimes, it all just gets to be too much. During normal times, I generally have the emotional tools and resources to stop myself from melting down, even when I’m stressed or frustrated or anxious, but these days, all bets are off. Continue reading…

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