My Cat Brought Me a Mouse, What Should I Do?

cat carrying a dead mouse in its mouth

If you find yourself in a situation where your cat has brought you a mouse, it’s important not to panic. This is perfectly normal behavior for cats, even if it can be a little unsettling for us humans. Your cat isn’t trying to upset you – on the contrary! They’re likely displaying their hunting instincts or even showing affection.

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How Can I Help My Cat With Constipation? Our Expert Advice

cat on a green litter tray

Constipation is an unpleasant but relatively common occurrence in cats. It happens when cats’ poop becomes so dry and hard that it gets stuck. Cats generally have a bowel movement every 24 to 36 hours, and their poop normally contains a fair bit of moisture.

Constipated cats produce dry, hard stools when they finally get things moving. It usually indicates the presence of a health concern that needs to be identified and addressed. Reach out for help if your cat goes for 48 hours without having a bowel movement. However, you can help your cat if they’re constipated by increasing their water and fiber intake and implementing stress-reducing measures.

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Short Hair, Long Hair, and Hairless Cats: Pros & Cons of Each

cute little kittens on green background

One of the characteristics that you may consider when choosing the right type of cat to bring into your home is the cat’s coat type and grooming needs. Not only does the coat type determine how much grooming your cat will need, but it will also impact just how much cat hair you’re sweeping up and lint rolling off of your clothes every day. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of each coat type.

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How Much Space Does My Cat Need? Minimum & Tips

a fluffy siberian cat lying on the floor at home

If you’re considering adopting a cat, you may be wondering how much room the cat needs. However, there isn’t a definite answer for this. Many spaces are multi-purpose, which means we use them alongside our cat. We don’t need to dedicate these spaces to our feline.

Most cats don’t need tons of space—20 sq. ft. can be considered the absolute minimum. This provides plenty of space for a litter box, play area, and food. You don’t necessarily have to dedicate this much space to your feline, though. While the food and litter box do need their own dedicated space, cats will play just about anywhere.

Many cats are very adaptable and will do fine in a smaller space. You can even design spaces more vertically (think cat trees and climbing structures) for more active cats in small spaces.

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What Does Raining Cats and Dogs Mean? Origins of the Phrase

very heavy rain in the backyard

The phrase “raining cats and dogs” is a common expression used to describe heavy rain or a sudden downpour. While the phrase’s meaning is well-known, its origins are less clear. Many theories suggest where the phrase came from, ranging from practical to mythical.

Some suggest the phrase originated from the poor drainage systems in 17th-century Europe. Meanwhile, others believe that it may have its roots in Norse mythology. Another theory suggests the phrase was a French word misheard by English speakers.

While there’s no definitive answer, examining these theories can tell us how the phrase has evolved. Let’s explore the various theories about the origins of the phrase “raining cats and dogs.”

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14 Cat Sleeping Positions: Surprising Meanings Behind Them

cat sleeping on the patio

Cats spend most of their time sleeping, and the average adult cat naps for 18 hours per day. Suffice it to say that most people have plenty of opportunities to observe their cats’ various sleeping positions. But what does it mean if your cat likes to sleep sprawled out or next to you in bed? Cats’ sleeping positions can reveal many things, including whether they feel safe or seek security. Below we’ll discuss some of the most common feline sleeping positions and their meaning.

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My Cat Keeps Catching Birds, How Do I Stop Them? 6 Tips

cat hunting bird

While your bird may be proud of his bird-catching skills, it’s not the most pleasant sight to see a bird caught in your cat’s mouth. Along with being unsightly, birds can spread infectious diseases to cats.1 So, your cat’s hunting hobby can also be a safety hazard.

Fortunately, you can try several different things to prevent or discourage your cat from catching birds. All cats are different, so you may have to test out different methods to see what works for your cat. Here are some ideas you can try out so that your cat doesn’t catch wild birds.

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Fish Oil Benefits for Cats: Feeding Tips & Health Effects

cat reaching out on fish oil capsules on table

While shopping for cat food you may have noticed that many recipes include fish oil in their ingredient list, especially higher-quality recipes. You may have even seen some fish oil supplements on the shelves of your local pet store.

Fish oil is one of the more common supplements recommended for cats. It’s thought to work similarly to people, helping their skin and coat. However, it may also impact brain health, as it does in humans.

Before giving fish oil to your feline, though, keep reading to learn about everything you need to know.

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Can You Turn an Outdoor Cat Into an Indoor Cat? Facts & Tips

cat walking in front of a bamboo leaves

Cats instinctively like to be in nature, but the outdoors is not always the safest place for a cat to live. Many cats that are born inside a home or get adopted from a rescue center end up living happy and healthy lives indoors with their human companions. It is a different story when dealing with stray cats or those that are used to living outside most of the time.

It’s possible to turn an outdoor cat into an indoor cat, but the process may not be easy. Once a cat gets used to living outside, they may resist being kept indoors—at least at first. It can seem like you’re being cruel to your kitty, as they will paw at the doors and windows, whine throughout the day and night, and try making a run for it anytime someone enters and exits the home. Rest assured, though, keeping your cat indoors is not cruel. It’s a safety measure that ensures their health and happiness when all is said and done.

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10 Reasons to Get a Cat: Why They’re So Amazing!

Young woman owner with white cat

Cats have remained popular pets for thousands of years. They’ve even been worshiped by some ancient civilizations. They’re also kings of internet culture, with numerous photos and videos documenting their cuteness and silly antics.

Living with a cat requires making some significant lifestyle changes, but it’s often an amazing and worthwhile experience. Cats may have a reputation for being aloof and having a mind of their own, but they’re some of the most loyal pets anyone could ask for. So, if you’re considering adopting a new cat, here are some possible benefits you can look forward to.

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