Mews and Nips: Cat Burglar Steals Milkman’s Money


An eight-year-old tuxedo cat known for being a kleptomaniac upped his game last week. Theo was known for bringing home Christmas decorations and toys he picked up in his Ipswich neighborhood. His human had been joking that it might be useful if he brought home cash instead of junk, and Theo must have heard her. He showed up with a plastic bag that contained the money a neighbor had left out for the milkman. Read the full story on BBC News.

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Make Your Cats Feel Their Best with 1TDC™: 10% Discount Plus Free Shipping


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3 in 4 cats have some form of dental disease. 1 in 3 adult cats are are dealing with arthritis and other joint issues. Both conditions are painful, and since cats are masters at hiding pain, you may not even be aware that your cat is suffering. 1TDC™  not only addresses both of these issues, but it’s so easy to administer that your cats will think they’re getting a treat! Continue reading…

Giveaway: Cat Paw Glass


You may have heard about the insanely popular cat paw mug released by Starbucks in China. Apparently, the glass was so popular that it caused fights among eager collectors the day they went on sale.

You don’t have to go to China, and you don’t have to pay collector’s prices to get your paws on one of these super gorgeous Cat Paw Glasses! Our friends at Triple T Studios will get a limited inventory of these beautiful glasses in mid-April, but you can pre-order them now to ensure that you will get one as soon as they arrive. Continue reading…

Ask These Questions Before You Agree to Diagnostic Tests for Your Cat


Any time you take your cat to the vet, she will perform a thorough head to tail physical examination. Depending on your cat’s age, she may also want to do routine blood and urine testing. If you brought your cat to the vet because of a health issue, she may recommend additional diagnostic tests, such as x-rays and ultrasound to determine the nature of your cat’s illness. Continue reading…

Mews and Nips: Genome Sequencing Offers Insight into Lil BUB’s Unusual Appearance


We all know that Lil BUB is no ordinary cat, and not just because of her unusual appearance. This special little girl has overcome great challenges, is a published author, a talk show host, a movie star, and has helped raise well over $300,000 for animals in need. Now, scientists have discovered the genetic mutations that are responsible for her unique look and her bone disease, osteopetrosis. The information yielded by Lil BUB’s genome could have positive implications for researchers’ understanding of osteopetrosis not just in cats, but also in humans. Read the full article about the study at

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: Continue reading…

Review: Pet Fit for Life® Wand Toys


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Interactive wand or fishing pole type toys help entice your cat to play and satisfy her hunt/prey instinct. They’re also a wonderful way to bond with your cat. With so many wand toys out there, it’s hard to tell which ones are good quality and will actually excite your cat, rather than ending up being relegated to the corner of a closet. The Pet Fit for Life® meet both criteria, and then some. Continue reading…

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