How the Assisi Loop Lounge Helps 18-Year-Old Kitty Girl with Arthritis and Kidney Disease


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When my dear friend Rita and her husband Rob came across a six-month old kitten who had just given birth in an Oklahoma City parking garage, they were not looking for another pet. After taking her to a vet to get her taken care of, they planned to find a good home for her. They named her Kitty Girl because they didn’t want to become too attached. However, as many of us know, the best laid plans don’t always pan out when it comes to cats. Kitty Girl fell in love with Rob. 18 years later, he is still her one and only love. For more about Kitty Girls history, read When You Get the Cat You Need, Not the Cat You Want, in Rita’s own words. Continue reading…

Mews and Nips: Cat Delays NFL Game


If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen the footage of a black cat interrupting the New York Giants game vs. the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night. The cat’s appearance launched a thousand memes, and sports announcer Kevin Harlan’s play-by-play was purrfect. However, my reaction to watching the footage seems to have been a bit different from the majority of the internet – all I could think of was how terrified this poor cat looked. It turns out that several feral cats live at the stadium and come out after the games to be fed. Who knows what prompted this cat to make an appearance during the game, but I’m guessing he or she is not going to do that again!

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Yochabel’s Wisdom: Living with Loss


Guest post by Casey Hersch

This is the last in a series of eight posts by Casey Hersch. Casey discusses the many lessons she learned about caring for Yochabel during her illness, including her quest to stop Yochabel’s cancer from growing and spreading, barriers present with senior cats, variations in diet including supplements and herbs, and how to focus on the individual cat’s needs. Yochabel was not only Casey’s feline companion. She left Casey with ways to cope with her own illness, and with a greater sense of acceptance and gratitude. Continue reading…

Review: Litter-Lifter Litter Scoops and Handy-Holder


When it comes to litter boxes, cleanliness truly is next to godliness. Cats are fastidious creatures. Using a dirty litter box is, at best, uncomfortable for them, and at worst, will cause them to eliminate outside the box. And for a task that you’re going to be doing several times a day, it’s important to have tools that make it simple. The Litter-Lifter has been our scoop of choice for the past several years. Continue reading…

Ask These 13 Questions Before You Schedule Your Cat’s Dental Procedure


Guest post by Andrea Tasi, VMD

This post was first published in September 2015 and has been updated.

Andrea Tasi, VMD owns and operates Just Cats, Naturally, a housecall based, feline-exclusive practice dedicated to the holistic, individualized approach to each cat. Dr. Tasi uses classical homeopathy, nutritional therapy, and behavior and environment-related techniques to help healthy cats stay well and help ill cats regain their health. Whenever one of Dr. Tasi’s feline clients needs any kind of dental work, even just a routine cleaning, she makes sure that her clients as these questions before scheduling a procedure.
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