Less Litter: Curiosity Killed the Plastic With a Stainless Steel Litter Box


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It all started with one cat.

One evening, a big white, fluffy creature showed up at my door and demanded to be let in. I had no previous experience with cats, and I was a bit scared, but I let her in. She walked in like a realtor, inspecting every room in the house. She then settled on my sofa and gave me what I’ve come to understand as the “where is my dinner?” look. And before I knew it, she had adopted me.Continue Reading

How Lawn Chemicals Affect Your Cats, Even Indoor Cats


When I go for my daily walks in my suburban neighborhood this time of year, not a day goes by that someone hasn’t just fertilized their lawn. I can see the granules on the sidewalk, and sometimes, I can even smell the chemicals. I am strongly opposed to the use of chemical fertilizers, and I don’t understand the obsession with flawless green lawns. But mostly, I worry about the effect lawn chemicals have on the cats who come in contact with them – and that can happen even if your cats never leave the house.

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Bernadette Kazmarski’s Tri-Color Girls Settling Down for a Nap: Get Your Free Digital Print

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