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Cats communicate in many different ways. Their primary means of communication is body language, but they also communicate vocally. It’s up to us as their guardians to learn how to interpret their communications, but no matter how well trained a human may be in learning to speak feline, sometimes, we all wish our cats could talk. Apparently, somebody felt that this wish for better interspecies understanding deserved a national holiday, because believe it or not, today is National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day.

So if you find your cat looking at you with that intense stare, she may just be asking you a question, and as her faithful servant, it is up to you to stop what you’re doing and answer it!

Of course, Allegra and Ruby had a few questions for me.

Q: Mom, why do you spend so much time in front of that screen you stare at all day long?

A: That’s how Mom makes her living and that’s how I pay for your food! Thankfully, the two of you make sure that I take breaks. Those walks across the keyboard are a very effective way to get me to stop working. I’m grateful that the two of you take care of my mental health by making sure that I unplug more.

Q: Why do you have to trim our nails? We’re purrfectly capable of keeping them nice and sharp all by ourselves.

A: You kind of answered that question yourselves, girls! Your nails get really sharp with all that scratching you do on your scratching posts, and since you both love to be on my lap making biscuits, not trimming your nails makes it feel like you’re piercing my thighs with tiny sharp needles!

Q: Why do you have to get up in the middle of the night, just when we’re curled up against you and everyone is all nice and cozy?

A: Because I have to use the litter box…

What would your cats ask, and how would you answer them?

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23 Comments on It’s National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

  1. Bwwwah about “having to use the litter box!!” I didn’t expect that and it cracked me up! I absolutely ADORE that photo! xoxo

  2. Miss Gracie would want to know why “treats” are only “sometimes” food … and why do you have to go to work … why can’t you stay at home and play with me?

  3. I’m pretty sure my Zosia would like to know why she has to live with inferior boys. My bengal Lennon wants to know when his people (aka his fan club) are coming to visit him again, and why can’t it always be 90 in the house & WHY do I ask him to keep his paws to himself when he makes biscuits on his brother’s tummy.

    Bessie wants to know why we had to bring another boy in the house.

  4. Oh, what a fun question! For me, without a doubt, my fur-children would ask “Why does Mommy have that flashy-box (camera) in our faces AGAIN!?!?! And why does she do it when we are trying to sleep?” Haha, and I believe they get revenge on me by laying on top of me (causing my arm to go numb), walking on me, or making biscuits on my face while I am sleeping!
    P.S. Your hair looks so beautiful in this photo, Ingrid!

  5. good questions and answers. most of us are terribly vocal either, but the baby sure seems to have quite the vocabulary 🙂

  6. Great questions and answers Ingrid! I’m hosting a link-up for all of the cat bloggers who are participating in National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day at Create With Joy. Please stop by and share your post!

    • Your cats are supposed to ask you a question, Natalie 🙂

      But to answer your question, I don’t think you can train a cat to be a good mouser. Their prey drive is a natural instinct.

  7. Awww, this was a precious read this morning! What a way to wake up… I loved it! My kitties are all asleep still – except for Viper, who’s head-hugging my face, chin & neck – clearly telling me to put my phone down & give him more “Lovies!” (Message received, Viper! Much love!!) xoxo

  8. Our cats are smart and we have good understanding so they didn’t have any questions for me today–maybe they’ll think of some later.

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