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I read so many wonderful cat books all year long, it’s really hard to pick only ten favorites, especially since the books cover such a wide diversity of genres. Here are my ten favorites for 2012, in the order in which I reviewed them:

Grey Expectations Clea Simon cover

Grey Expectations by Clea Simon – but really, the entire series featuring Harvard grad student Dulcie Schwartz, her kitten Esme and her ghost cat Mr. Grey. These well-crafted, cat-centric mysteries are a joy to read.


Cats Can’t Shoot by Clea Simon. The second in Simon’s Pet Noir series, featuring pet behaviorist and psychic Pru Marlowe and her cantankerous cat Wallis, is a must read for lovers of cat fiction and cozy mysteries.


A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen. This story about a down on his luck British street musician and his cat has touched me in a way few other books have. I just can’t get enough of this “rags to riches story” and love following James Bowen and Street Cat Bob on Facebook for updates and wonderful photos of the duo. This book is going on my list of all time favorite cat books.


Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy. This long awaited first book by the star of Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell is an inspirational tour de force that offers an intimate glimpse at Jackson, the man, and Jackson, the Cat Daddy.


Enchanting Lily by Anjali Banerjee. This story of a young widow whose eyes are opened to the magic around her by a white cat is charming, lovely, poignant, filled with hope, delightful, and – well, echanting. I really can’t praise Enchanting Lily enough. Another addition to my list of all time favorite cat books.


Animal Attraction by Anna David is the story of the author’s struggle with addiction, and an exploration of what it means to be a “cat lady.” Poignant and witty, heart touching and funny, this Kindle Single packed a surprising punch.


Julia’s Cats by Patricia Barey and Therese Burson chronicles Julia Child’s life with her cats and is a charming, delightful and heartwarming treasure of a book.


Lost and Found by Amy Shojai. While not strictly a cat book, although a cat plays an important role in the book, this thriller was so unique and so gripping that I had to add it to the list. I rarely read thrillers, but this masterfully narrated one reeled me in.


Taming Me by Cathy Unruh is the story of Lucy Miracle, a formerly feral kitten who learns to appreciate the joys of becoming a housecat. This captivating, sometimes sad and sometimes funny book allows the reader to follow the kitten’s journey as narrated by Lucy herself.


The Dalai Lama’s Cat by David Michie gets bonus points for a unique and imaginative story. An enchanting book for anyone interested in learning more about mindfulness and other Buddhist principles, and anyone who believes that cats have many lessons to teach us.

Share some of your favorite books of the year in a comment!

Photo of Kelly on Books by Bernadette Kazmarski, used with permission.

13 Comments on My 10 favorite cat books of 2012

  1. Great list. Street Cat was an incredible story about survival and love. the clea Simmons books were quite good for cozy mysteries. Cat Daddy was way cool amd I have all kinds of people watching his show. I will have to pick up the Dali Lama’s cat!

    Being maine Coons, there are 3 authors who have MC’s in their cozy mysteries, Miranda James with the library mysteries, Garnet Quinn with the Merry Maines, and J.R. MacKenzie’s Father Tom series. (Father Tom is the male cat – get it? Yes, it is in a Catholic rectory but let that dissuade you. These are way cool priests.)

    and another plug for one of our resident anipal writers, @ConfusciousCat – Confucius Cat Says by P.R. Mason. she might be listed as Pat.

    Thanks for the great list!

  2. Hi Ingrid – Although I haven’t read them all, I truly loved A streetcat named Bob, most wonderful true story. Jackson Galaxy Cat Daddy was awesome also! Have just downloaded 2 more for the kindle. Thanks, as always, for all you do for cat lovers world wide.
    Also, your books, the latest Purrs of Wisdom, is a wonderful book that gets re-read! Buckley’s Story, of course is so loved and is what brought us together last year 🙂
    Healthy, happy and safe New Year! Love you!

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying my new book, Terry! And I too, am glad that Buckley’s Story brough us together! Happy New Year to you!

  3. I have only read Cat Daddy and that was very emotional. Great book. I will have to add the rest to my reading. These all sound wonderful.

  4. Whoa! I want to read the one about the Street Cat. Have you read any of the books by PM Griffin—The Gift of Magic or The Bastet Trilogy?

  5. I just finished The Dalai Lama’s Cat and loved it!! I also just read “I Could Pee on This” which was a cute little book of funny poems written by cats.

    Thanks for the list — I’m going to bookmark it so I can check out the ones I have missed. On a cold winter day, nothing beats curling up with a kitty on your lap and a good cat book!!!

  6. I also like julia Romp’s book “The cat Who Came Back for Christmas. It was a very touching story about her cat, Ben and her little boy, George who is autistic and didn’t show any affection to anyone, or any interest in almost anything until a stray came along…but what happens when the family leaves on a holiday and the cat disappears? You’ll have to read it to find out!

    • I reviewed that book earlier this year, Niki – I enjoyed it. Here’s the link to my review:

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