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How did we ever survive without sticky notes? Maybe I’m dating myself with that comment since I still remember the days before post it notes, but I know I couldn’t function without them. Even in this day of electronic reminders, nothing works as well for me as a well-placed sticky note. And what would be more fun than cat-themed sticky notes?

Moody Kittens 4-in-1 Cat Sticky Notes are more than just post it notes. They can be used as sticky notes, but also as bookmarks, flip-book animation and even coloring notes. The coloring design is at the back of each note.


The paper used is of highest quality, acid-free and ink-proof. The notes are 2.5 by 2.5 inches – the purrfect size for leavin yourself or others quick reminder notes.


Each cat has its own soul, character, and a unique story. Creator Manhar Sidhu named the notes “Moody Kittens” because he felt that the name captured the multifaceted magic of cats in his product.

For more information about Moody Kittens, and to reserve your set of sticky notes, please visit the Moody Kittens Kickstarter campaign page.

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