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Playing soft music has been shown to reduce stress in humans and animals alike. Some feline behaviorists say that playing relaxing music can keep cats calm and even stop them from fighting with other cats in the same household. A recent study at Colorado State University is looking at how classical music can help make a veterinary visit less stressful and thus lead to better veterinary care for cats.

I recently came across a cd made especially for cats. Mood Music For Cats (And Cat Lovers) –  A Ball of Twine… Your Cat’s First CD is a collection of soothing tunes blending piano, harp and strings, with title tracks such as Tuna Sonata, Vet Visit Blues, and Catatonia.

The music is truly beautiful. In a completely unscientific study conducted in my own home, it had a relaxing effect not just on me, but on Allegra and Ruby as well. I almost fell asleep after listening to the soothing sounds for a little while, the girls were both zonked out after the first two tracks. (In the interest of full disclosure, I played this during what is usually their nap time.)

Does your cat respond to music?

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  1. One kind of music that at least some cats *love* is traditional Hawaiian music. I recommend starting with the CS “Facing Future” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

    One kind that I know a lot of cats hate is screechy soprano opera music — don’t even bother!

  2. This makes perfect sense. Cats have such a highly developed sense of hearing, my only caveat is playing music at deafening levels. Can you imagine how stimulating heavy metal at full blast would be? Our guys like repetitive, drumming and chanting.

    • That’s very true, Layla. I like heavy metal, but only play it in the car, although I do know of at least one tortie who actually loves metal.

  3. what an interesting idea!!! I love it for cats that might have more issues…as far as my Cody goes…if he gets any more “relaxed” he would NEVER MOVE!!! lol

    He’s a pretty laid back guy….it’s MOM who needs the music!!


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