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The therapeutic benefits of pets have been documented by physicians, and scientist.  Pets can act as therapists, fitness trainers, and heart warmers. They lower our blood pressure, remind us to live in the moment, and keep us warm at night.

And sometimes, pets grace us with simply extraordinary moments. I call them “moments of magic.” To qualify as a moment of magic, it has to be something that doesn’t happen every day. I’m not talking about the joy we feel when our pets greet us at the end of a long day, or the exhilaration we feel when we watch them play. I’m talking about those truly special, rare and, well, magic moments.

I had one of those magic moments the other day. I was working at my desk. Ruby was on my lap, Allegra on the desk in front of the computer, just about sitting on the keyboard. (Working with two feline assistants isn’t always the most productive way to get things done.). Allegra touched her nose to Ruby (a sign of affection between cats), and Ruby gave her a slow blink in return (a cat’s way of saying “I love you.”) My heart melted.

Now mind you, those two get along beautifully in general. They play and hang out together. They frequently touch noses throughout the day. But I’d never seen them exchange the slow blink until that day. That’s what made the moment magical.

What magic moments have your cats given you?

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  1. Sometimes at night I wake up gasping for air. It is benign but very scary. One night not too long ago this happened. I woke up, sat up turned on the light, leaned back onto my pillows. Frankie woke up walked right over and sat on my chest. He stayed there, purring, for about 15 minutes. This is not his usual behavior. I knew what was happening and just opened my heart chakra to his healing energy. It was a magic moment.

  2. There are magic moments every day. Last night Ling Ling was being standoffish but she communicated telepathically and eventually curled on shoulder and gave me butterfly kisses on my eyelids.

  3. A wonderful moment of magic for me was recently with Steeler. Steeler is not a lap cat and picking her and cuddling her is out. About 2 weeks ago, maybe more, she get going around and around my chair. I had no idea what she wanted. I tried food, petting and treats. No that wasn’t it. Then for some reason I looked into her eyes and she was looking up at me in a different way than I had ever seen. I reached down and picked her up. Held her close and she cuddled into my neck. My Steeler just wanted to be held for the very first time ever. That is magic and now I know when she needs to be cuddled. She is as we humans are. There are times we need that hug and this was time for Steeler to need her hug.

    It was and is magic, that I will never forget that feeling of complete love and trust from her.

  4. Yes, heart warmers they certainly ARE!!!!!!
    The magic moment you described is so beautiful, Ingrid… I can really see why it made your heart melt!
    One really magic moment for me is when I am sick or sad and lying on the sofa or my bed, and Zoe comes snuggle up… This is so heartwarming and true magic! And also when my mom’s Lilli and Tommi sleep in the armchair literally hugging eachother, their little faces touching eachother… Pure bliss!

    • It’s amazing how cats sense when we’re not feeling well, isn’t it Anna? I hope that eventually, Allegra and Ruby will snuggle together.

  5. HH has never had litter mates before and she has found it magical whenever Bugsy and Knuckles pile on top of each other and drift off to sleep in snuggles. But the best of all is when they silently look at each other and each get up and walk in unison into the other room. You just know some how they have silently communicated…. pretty cool.

    pawhugs, Max

    • Those are definitely magic moments, Max. I still remember how amazing it was the first time I had more than one cat (when Buckley came to live with Amber and me). Watching the two of them interact and form their own special bond was magic for sure.

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