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When it comes to scratching posts, bigger is usually better. Another important characteristic for a scratching post is that it’s sturdy so it doesn’t wobble or topple when cats use it. The Molly and Friends Bed on Top Scratching Post meets both requirements, and it has been a favorite piece in our house for the past ten years.


The post was a Christmas present for Buckley (left) and Amber (right) in 2007.


It quickly became one of their favorite hangouts.


Allegra loved it from the time she was a kitten, and she still uses it almost every day.

Ruby The Conscious Cat

This was one of the first photos I took of Ruby the day I brought her home. It took her a few days before she actually ventured up to the bed, but she liked hanging out on the base of the post.


The post is incredibly well made. The carpet is thick and strong, and the construction is solid. The thick sisal rope has held up well for ten years! The post is made in the USA and comes fully assembled. It is 35 inches high on an 18×18 inch base, the actual post is 27 inches high.

The Molly and Friends Bed on Top Scratching Post comes in multiple colors, and is available from Amazon with free shipping. Some colors are Prime eligible.

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2 Comments on Molly and Friends “Bed on Top” Scratching Post: A Longstanding Favorite at Our House

  1. I have one of these in the bedroom for the cat (Rosie) who sometimes wants to sleep near me but not on the bed. It is tall, which Rosie likes — she’s a “go up” cat. (Some cats feel safest when they can go up, some feel safer when they can go under something. I live with cats who have both preferences.) I have another piece of cat furniture from Molly and Friends in the living room, which has both a bed on top and a cradle under it. I put a warming pad in the cradle for the cat with arthritis and she spent the winter there. Molly and Friends cat furniture is amazingly solid, well made and very sturdy. I’m not surprised yours has lasted a decade.
    Janine, you might want to contact them to see if they would make one of these not so tall for you. I asked about a custom piece — just a different arrangement of bed and cradle, and they agreed to do that…. I had a cat who needed a bed like this is in the kitchen when he first moved in with us. I put sliders on the bottom so I could easily move it aside.

  2. This looks like just what I need (except a little too tall). My older cat is having trouble jumping now. He has had a habit of jumping on the kitchen counter since he was a baby and has to have his water bowl in the sink. I have been putting a chair there for him to get up lately but it gets in the way and needs to be moved if I am cooking or washing dishes.

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