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The Guinness World Record for “oldest living cat” seems to keep falling faster than any other. Just this March, a 26-year-old cat held the record. This week, the record went to Scooter, a 30-year-old Siamese from Mansfield, TX. Gail Floyd was present when Scooter was born, and he has been by her side ever since. He is an active cat who has been to 45 of the 50 US states and often visits Gail’s mom in a nursing home. For more about Scooter, please visit

Update: The Associated Press reported this morning that Scooter had died by the time Guinness conferred its title on April 8. Scooter celebrated his 30th birthday on March 26.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day, on Monday, we told you about research that is offering new hope for eventually finding a treatment for FIP, on Tuesday, we introduced you to a new at-home test that helps identify health problems early, on Wednesday, I announced that I will be exhibiting at CatConLA in June, on Thursday, we featured adorable cat sticky notes, and on Friday, we reviewed Laywer for the Cat.

Today’s video is an older one of Ruby taking a bath – until it was rudely interrupted. Enjoy!

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Photo via Guinness World Records

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