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Matthew was brought to the Jacksonville Humane Society after a family discovered the kitten in their car’s engine after the storm. He was cared for by JHS veterinarians and is expected to make a full recovery.

When Hurricane Matthew was approaching the East coast last week, authorities ordered evacuations all along the coast. Some shelters accepted pets, as long as they were accompanied by their owners. But orphaned animals were not welcome. The Jacksonville Humane Society activated its “Storm Trooper” program and put out a call to the public asking for temporary shelter for about 200 dogs and cats. When it came time to return the foster animals to the shelter after the storm, not all of the foster families were able to give up their charges, and some were adopted, including a cat named Lark, who is missing one eye and blind in the other. Read the full story on

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Today’s video is just too cute for words – enjoy!

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Photo of Matthew via Jacksonville Humane Society Facebook page

4 Comments on Mews and Hips: Hurricane Matthew Animals Find Homes After the Storm

  1. It’s so important that they do this. We went through the 2010 Nashville flood and many of the shelters said no dogs. So neighbors couldn’t stay there…they had to pay for hotels that allowed dogs or sleep in their cars. I would probably sleep in my car before I’d leave my dog!

  2. The link for the Yahoo story on Lark doesn’t work… It just goes to the Jacksonville Humane Society page. Thanks

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