The cat’s tongue is one of nature’s perfect designs: it allows cats to groom and to consume their prey. In a new study, researchers sought to untangle the mysteries of cat tongues. A previous study reported that domestic cat tongues are covered in cone-shaped bumps that were used as brush bristles, whereas this study’s team found that the protrusions are actually claw-shaped hooks with hollow U-shaped tips. For more about the fascinating findings of this study, and how they might be applied to create a better brush, visit the Smithsonian Magazine website.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Sunday, I shared my annual Thanksgiving ABC list of 26 things I’m grateful for, on Monday, I explained why simple litter boxes are the best choice for most cats, on Tuesday, we reviewed the Leopard Kick Stick from Space Kitty Express, on Wednesday, Dr. Marci Koski answered your behavior questions, on Thursday, we celebrated Thanksgiving, and on Friday, we reviewed Homer and the Holiday Miracle.

Last week, we reported on Jenny, the newest resident at the North Carolina Governor’s Mansion. This video was posted on the First Pets of North Carolina Facebook page  – how adorable is this little girl!

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