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One of the wonderful things that came out of the pandemic was the creativity of artists from around the world collaborating virtually to create beautiful music. And because everything is better with cats, South African musician David Scott turned his cat’s meow into a lovely song:

And then, things got even more magical: People from all over the world joined in:

This is one of these instances when art, cats and technology come together to create the purrfect symphony.

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Photo Credit: Pixabay stock photo

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8 Comments on Mews and Nips: The Magic of Cats and Music

  1. That photograph is just so cute, but of course for a cat lover any photo of cats is cute. And David Scott, Mistro, hats off to you and your musical kittens. Give all of us cat lovers some more of your
    well thought out musical scores.

  2. Amazing what sounds you can turn into music! Brilliant when you can MIX the sounds together. They should call it MEOW MIX! Oh, I think that’s already been taken.

  3. My cats have a little concern about that cat’s singing. They weren’t happy. LOL! Kiki thought it was Lulu and tried to attack her. I had to break them up.

      • But it was funny. They never realize the sound is coming from a speaker. The other day I was watching newborn kittens online and their tiny mews had them both looking around wondering where the babies where.

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