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How is it possible that 2016 is almost over? We hope all of you have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, and wish you a 2017 filled with health, happiness, prosperity, and purrs. Earlier this week, we took a look back at the old year.

On Sunday and Monday, we celebrated Christmas and Boxing Day, on Tuesday, I shared my picks for top 10 cat products of 2016, on Wednesday, I shared the five most popular feline health posts of the year, on Thursday, I shared the five most popular feline lifestyle posts of the year, and on Friday, I shared my picks for the top 10 cat books of 2016.

And just in case you need some inspurration for your New Year’s resolutions: enjoy this video from Furball Fables!

Happy New Year!

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7 Comments on Mews and Nips: New Year’s Eve Edition

  1. What a wonderful video! I suspect most cats won’t keep those resolutions for long! Especially the one about not staring at the human while they are sleeping!

  2. Ingrid,

    Glad 2016 is over! Now….. look forward to 2017! Have enjoyed Conscious Cat. Look forward to another year.

    Happy New Year to you Ingrid, and Allerga and Ruby!

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