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A few years ago, a centerian named Lilian lost her cat Sammy. Her passing had left a hole in Lilian’s heart, and she longed to have a feline companion in her life again. Earlier this month, Lilian celebrated her 103rd birthday. The staff at the assisted living facility where she resides contacted a local shelter, and found 9-year-old Marley, whose kind and gentle temperament made her the purrfect candidate to become Lilian’s new pet. Visit the Dodo for more about Lilian and Marley, and heartwarming photos of the two.*

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Today’s video makes me smile every time I watch it – enjoy!

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* I suspect that there will be varied reactions to this story. Let me be clear that I don’t advocate giving a cat as a birthday present. I also realize that adopting pets to seniors, let alone a 103-year-old woman, despite overwhelming evidence that pets bring amazing benefits to the elderly, can be a controversial topic. I believe that each situation needs to be addressed individually, rather than with an across the board policy that hurts adoptable cats and the seniors that need the love of a feline friend in their lives.

Photo via The Dodo

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