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This week’s biggest news story in the cat world involved a tortie: Edna had called San Francisco’s Fire Station 49 home for the past four years, providing purrs, cuddles and stress relief for the first responders at the station. After an anonymous complaint last week, the fire department ordered Edna removed because ” the cat in the facility compromised the sterility of supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals used on patients.” The decision unleashed a firestorm (pardon the pun) of outrage across multiple social media platforms. As of this writing, Edna is living with one of the first responders, but San Francisco’s fire commissioner has asked the department to reconsider the decision. To keep up to date on Emma’s fate, follow her on Instagram.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Monday, we talked about the importance of caring for your cat’s teeth, on Tuesday, we reviewed the gorgeous Catit Vesper Cabana, on Wednesday, we reviewed some fantastic toys from Dezi & Roo, on Thursday, we celebrated Valentine’s Day, and on Friday, we reviewed When You Love a Cat.

The kitty in today’s video is doing an excellent job organizing her human’s bathroom – enjoy!

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Photo via @fire_cat_edna Instagram

9 Comments on Mews and Nips: Edna the Fire Cat

  1. Edna doesn’t compromise anything. That’s paranoia based on irrational fear. Facilities caring for patients 24/7 and having therapy dogs visit or cats living in the facility have had no issues with maintaining the sterility of supplies and tools.

  2. I knew one of the 1st Responders would take her home….but it is ridiculous that Edna had to leave the Firehouse. What is wrong with our society today> That cat did no harm. And everything is packaged so there would be no ‘kitty’ germs on anything. What a lot of ‘who-eey’ as my father used to say.
    I hope the ruling is overturned & Edna can return to her rightful place!!!!!!

  3. Team Edna..
    Cute kitty girl..bless her and her Hero first responders..thank you for your commitment to helping us and keeping us safe.

  4. That San Francisco’s Fire Commissioner is such an idiot and I really do hope karma bites the Commissioner on the buttocks, really hard and really quick. Sterile supplies are wrapped to avoid issues that’s how many first responders carry them in the trunks of their vehicles, not exactly the cleanest place in the world. DUH!

    • I don’t think the fire commissioner is to blame – if anything, he’s trying to help Edna. He appealed the department’s decision earlier this week.

  5. I think people need too mind their own business. Edna should remain at the firehouse she has called that place home for sometime.

  6. That’s just not right that they still evicted her. I get so tired of people who have different rules for cats. One time I had taken one of my cats to the vet and my husband and I stopped off to rent a movie afterwards and I carried Pono in with us (he was in his carrier). One lady walked up and asked what kind of puppy I had. I said cat and she said “oh”, and just turned around. A few minutes later we were asked to leave because people didn’t care for cats. I asked if it was a dog would it be different and was told yes.

  7. I think this is a cruel thing to do to the First Responders and Edna. I think whomever made the complaint hates cats. Also I might add how come the complaintant has not lodged an outrage of Dalmation dogs who have lived in fire departments for decades. It’s a mean thing to do and Edna should be allowed to have her home returned to her. The stress this has caused Edna, the First Responders and those who love cats is so hateful.

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