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When Alice de Almeida first answered a job ad for an executive assistant position at New York City’s iconic Algonquin Hotel, she thought her daily tasks might include answering the phone and keeping up with her boss’s schedule. Little did she know then that she landed a cat lover’s dream job.  As the hotel’s Chief Cat Officer, Almeida is in charge of caring for Matilda, the famous resident cat of the hotel, as well as managing her VIP appearances and social media accounts. For more on Almeida’s work with Matilda, visit Condé Nast Traveler.

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Today’s video features the adorable Lil BUB as a baby, getting her first look at snow. Can you say “awww?”

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Photo via Condé Nast Traveler

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  1. What an amazing story, how cool would that job be? And the snow!!! I have 2 cats, 1 that loves the snow and the other one freaks out at it! They are such polar opposites it’s intriguing to watch them. I have been reading Animal Lover by Ann Marie Hoff, she has some interesting insight into what animals think and why they choose us! Good read, is her site.

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