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Did you miss last night’s Meet the Author teleseminar with Clea Simon?  You can still listen to the interview by clicking on the link below.   You can also save the recording to disk so you can listen to it on the media player of your choice by right clicking on the link, and then selecting “save target as” (for PC’s) or “save link as” (for Mac’s).

Thanks to everyone who joined us on the call, and for asking such great questions!

Meet the Author with Clea Simon

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  1. I finally had the chance to listen uninterrupted (by the outside world, at least), and I really enjoyed the whole thing! Perhaps it’s just a pleasure listening to writers–both of you–talk about writing, especially with so much enthusiasm, and then also about cats. Ingrid, thanks for hosting Clea this way and posting the link, and Clea thanks for just opening up and speaking so honestly.

  2. Thanks again, Ingrid, for having me! And if anyone has anymore questions, please feel free to either post them here or email me through my site,

    Thanks so much!

  3. Sorry, I missed but it I’m enjoying listening to the recording right now. Best wishes for the series!

  4. Renee, thanks for parcipating in the call!

    Mason and Marg, I hope you’ll enjoy listening to the recording.

  5. Great call and very interesting. Hearing Clea Simon was like listening to an old friend discussing life over a cup of coffee. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for sharing the link. Unfortunately I did miss it last night, now I can catch up. Thanks again.

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