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StovePipeCat is one lucky kitten. With less than an hour left to live at a Los Angeles, CA “shelter,” the little kitten was rescued by a volunteer who fostered him and his two biological sisters, and who rescued three other cats while she was at it. Two weeks later, StovePipeCat was adopted to a married couple with grown children and a step-sister cat. Little did StovePipeCat know how much his life would change.

A week after he was adopted, he left on a 20-day, 4,000+ mile road trip from L.A. to Dallas to Portland, Oregon to Las Vegas and back. His new humans took him everywhere they went: the bank, the post office, stores, and even business meetings. Originally named after an incident that took place a few minutes after he was allowed to explore his new home, and that involved six panicking humans searching for him for over five hours to finally find him in the housing inside the stove, his nickname became StovePipe the Traveling Cat.


StovePipe at (clockwise) Saguaro National Park, AZ, Crater Lake, OR and Oklahoma City

StovePipeCat’s travel log also includes Palm Springs, Flagstaff, Abuquerque, Fort Worth, Denver, Twin Falls Idaho, Seaside, Oregon, Sacramento, Oakland, Reno, Mt. Shasta and numerous other places, all before he was five months old.


All of StovePipeCat’s travel and living expenses are paid by the Almost Invisible Cat Litter Company, which has renamed their superior-performing cat litter product “Stove PipeCat’s Awesome Almost Invisble Cat Litter.” But his adopters decided that they didn’t just want him limited to being a spokes cat for an innovative product. They also want everybody to know how cool rescued cats can be, and to put an end to the systematic killing of household pets in the USA and the rest of the world. More importantly, StovePipeCat and his humans want to thank rescue volunteers and show them how much their efforts are appreciated.


StovePipeCat at Bryce Canyon

In order to do this, The Almost Invisible Cat Litter Company created the “StovePipeCat” Volunteer Appreciation Program in StovePipe’s honor. This is believed to be the first nationwide animal rescue and care volunteer reward and recognition program in the USA. The program is completely free and available only to 100% no-kill, non-profit animal charities, fosters, shelters and rescues. At each volunteer appreciation event, up to four times a year, The Almost Invisible Cat Litter Company will  provide 15 pounds of Almost Invisible Cat Litter and $50 to a volunteer selected by the animal charity. Additionally, the animal charity  will become a recipient of the “StovePipeLine,” which flows a percentage of the profits from the sale of StovePipeCat’s Almost Invisble Cat Litter and other Awesome pet products to these non-profit organizations. More information is available at www.AntiIckyPoo/Volunteer-Appreciation-Program.

Tabby’s Place Sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey was the first adopter of this program, Classy Cats in Roanoke, Texas was the second. To nominate your animal charity, contact [email protected]. Charities must have 50 or more active volunteers and a valid 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

For more information about StovePipeCat, please visit his website. You can also find StovePipe the Traveling Cat on Facebook.

G That’s Awesome Brands is the distributor for Anti-Icky-Poo, Almost Invisible Cat Litter, and other superior performing pet products. For more information, please visit their website.

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  1. The StovePipeCat story is far from over. In addition to future travels and “new firsts” for cats, me is continuing to mull a bid for Petsident.

  2. Actually, you met me and the bald guy twice. You were the first photographer, to photograph me and the bald guy’s head at the La Feline Film Festival. That was the day those humans realized how special I was. Maybe we can connect at a Catnip bar in Santa Rosa, where my Company is sponsoring.

  3. My human has met Stove Pipe, and we have even been at the same cat show! But I haven’t actually met him in person myself. I do want to say he is one very special kitty and I am a big admirer of his!

    • That’s so cool that your human met StovePipe, Summer. It sounds like you’re well on your way to being a traveling cat yourself!

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