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Written by Stacia D. Kelly, PhD, MHt

My husband thinks it makes for a funny picture whenever I sit down to meditate. In our house, I usually have a cat or two as I sit cross-legged on the couch in my lap or somewhere nearby purring happily and meditating right along with me. Of course, said husband also freely admitted a week or so back that our girl Bella laid right down on his chest while he was listening to a Nancy Georges hypnosis session – shame on him for not listening to one of mine! 😉

Bastien, our youngest rescue, is learning to be a great hypnosis assistant. He’ll either curl up in my lap or next to my clients during a hypnotherapy session to settle right down for the 40 minutes or so, purring the entire time. And while he irritates his sister felines, Bella and Bijoux, since he’s so young, he is such a momma’s boy that he tries to do whatever I’m doing. If that means meditating, he’s right there with me. And, thankfully, my clients love him.

I wish I knew what’s going thru their minds when they curl up with me, but I know the soft purr and warm body only help to enhance my focus. Somehow, they just know the right spot and the right level to help you achieve that perfect moment of Zen.

Mine never interrupt; none of them ever have.

I’m not sure what the trigger is…the breathing, the music, the sudden calmness? Sagesse, an angel kitty now, was the only one who helped me through those late nights as a first time mom. She’d learned how to calm and meditate with me when she was a kitten, so, when I needed it most, she was right there next to me vibrating that same purr, in the same spot. She helped me make it through those first weeks. Gabe, our hunter, hit the same note when it was time for me to let him cross over. I wasn’t ready, but he was, and he let me know with that soft purr on just the right note.

Image Credit: Okrasiuk, Shutterstock

So, how do you meditate with your cat? (I haven’t tried this with dogs, but please do and let us know the results!) Some are naturals…some require some guidance. Thankfully, mine have all gravitated right to it, but that may be because we make it such an intrinsic part of our household or it’s such a part of my nature, I only attract those who are inclined to be good about it too.

First, create a space for yourself that you are going to use consistently to meditate. This is a must, whether you’re trying to get your 4-legged to cooperate or not. It helps to set your subconscious up for success when you’re ready to sit down to focus. I use my couch and a cross-legged position. My body naturally falls into a receptive mode and starts to relax. My husband will meditate in bed and the cats are fine with it. (They refuse to participate if I’m in bed and meditating…instead I get the meows and the growls.) Wherever it is, make it consistent.

Next, start to introduce soft music when you’re out of the house, and they are more naturally at rest. Use harps, strings, nature sounds. Note: DO NOT USE music with BIRDS! They start stalking the CD player or the TV. I’ve watched it happen!

Next, use that same music they’ve been listening to during day for your relaxation/meditation sessions. You will see they start to quietly unwind and come to curl up next to you as your breathing evens out. Most will want to touch you in some way, so they may lie in your lap or next to you. Do NOT give in to to the need to acknowledge their presence. NO petting. If you must, lay a hand on them and keep it still. Remain focused on your meditation.

And, just breathe.

Open your eyes whenever you’re ready.

You can see our cat family at – this is our hidden yet dedicated site to all those who are familiar in our lives. I don’t post up often, but they are integral to our family.

For those interested in a Guided Meditation with their feline family members, please, post up! I’ll create one to share!

Featured Image Credit: larisa Stefanjuk, Shutterstock

Stacia D. Kelly, PhD, MHt takes a whole mind-body-spirit approach to health and well-being and teaches her clients to do the same. She is the Mind-Body-Fusion Specialist. Breathe. Focus. Achieve. She is a Master Certified clinical hypnotherapist, a 1st degree black belt, and spends way too much time with her nose in a book. She writes paranormal romances with a very hypnotic style and tries to inject humor in all her non-fiction writing. She plays doorman (woman) to three cats while the young one is off to school and the husband is all over the state for either the day job or a band. Stacia is also the founder of CatKlaw, Inc., a Creative Solutions Company, and Mind-Body-Spirit Works, a Holistic Health Practice.

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12 Comments on How to Meditate With Your Cat

  1. Hi!

    I am KRISHNA, a few days back as i was meditating inside the premises of a Temple near my house, and as i was in a deep spiritual trance like state i could sense something heavy on my lap and it was moving.though i was aware that it was a CAT. as i had seen it wandering inside the temple many a time. after i completed my spiritual routine. i opened my eyes and i was surprised rather than shocked to see that the cat was in a deep sleep, and it really put me in a deep thought process as to what might be the underlying meaning for this unique incident.

    It gave me great sense of satisfaction when i came to know after reading some of the experiences stated above, which were quite similar to my experience if not identical.

    GOD BLESS!!!…..


  2. Heather, I think meditating together would be a wonderful way to help both pet and human at the end of life. I’ve done joint Reiki sessions for terminally ill pets and their humans, and it’s a lovely, gentle way to support both during a difficult time.

  3. This is wonderful Ingrid! I have a cat helper (or two) with my at (almost) all times and I’m sure they would love to help me meditate.

    I also think it would be a wonderful practice with an older, special needs or terminally ill animal – serving both the human and the animal hearts and a nice way to connect in the stillness. I will share your article and this thought with our clients.

    – Heather
    Founder and Team Leader
    New England Pet Hospice

  4. This is a lovely article! When I meditate I usually end up with a cat in my lap as I sit cross-legged on the floor. I call this practice Cat Meditation. As others have said, they don’t come looking for attention, they simply approach and settle in. It’s quite powerful. The cat’s purr has a healing vibration and I find it one of the most soothing sounds and sensations. What’s better than having a peaceful, warm and loving companion who is herself an expert at meditation to accompany one’s practice? Cat Meditation rules!

    • I love hearing stories of people meditating with their cats – thanks for sharing yours, Shanna. Cats are definitely expert meditators.

  5. I’m so pleased to find out that I’m not the only meditator who has a feline companion with her. Oscar will come from wherever he is in the house when he hears the tingshaw, interestingly enough even if I change the room. He’ll settle in between me and the candle (I kneel Japanese style) and simply sit still, often looking up at me. When I use the tingshaws again at the end he gets up, waits for me to blow out the candle and turn off the music and leaves. It’s heavenly. I realise that being with cats reminds me that they truly live in the moment, just as we should.

  6. Bernadette and Stacia, I’ve always been fascinated by how incredibly sensitive to energy cats are. Amber is usually in her window perch next to the chair I meditate in, and there’s a palpable difference in the energy on the rare occasion when she’s not.

  7. It is no wonder they were worshiped as gods in the past. They seem to just sense the energy around them and what’s needed. Thank you for sharing about Sophie & Cookie!!

  8. I used to meditate after my yoga session with Sophie on one side and Cookie on the other; they were my ladies in waiting and often flanked me in other everyday activities, but I truly felt like a goddess with one purring against each hip. Cats get it right away because they don’t come up and greet you with a rub or a word as they normally would, they only settle next to you or in your energy field in their own meditative position. Everyone with cats should try this and let their cats guide them!

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