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MDeluxe cover

I love discovering cat products that are not just functional, but also beautifully designed and well made. Domen and Miha Grošelj, two brothers from Slovenia who share a great love for cats, have created an incredibly gorgeous line of products ranging from beds to scratchers to food bowls.

The brothers spend countless hours in front of the computer searching for something that their cat Rossi would love, but that would also fit into their home. The more they searched, the less they found. They realized that with their expertise in carpentry, with access to some of the machinery needed to build the products, they could make their own products.

It didn’t take long to go from idea to execution – a few days later, Rossi was already enjoying the new toys. Since only the best was going to be good enough for Rossi, the products are absolutely top notch.


The materials used were selected with both comfort and durability in mind. The base material for all products is kerrock, which is water durable and resistant to damage. It will not rust like metal or fall apart like cheap wooden pet furniture. Kerrock is extremely easy to maintain and keep clean. It is also recyclable, making all of the products eco-friendly.  Other materials used are sisal, which is antistatic and made of renewable resources. All sisal has been heavily pet tested and has received rave reviews.

The brothers chose synthetic leather for all the cushion covers. Synthetic leather is easily cleaned, durable and beautiful, and no animals are harmed during production. For an added touch of luxury, memory foam is used to provide comfort and enable your cat to get the most relaxing naps ever – in fact, I’d venture to say your cats probably will sleep better than you on these gorgeous pieces!

The video below shows details about how the products are made, and an adorable Rossi testing one of the scratchers:

After being thoroughly tested by Rossi and a number of friends and their feline companions, the Domen and Miha want to help bring this beautiful line of products to production.


You can get a closer look at these fantastic products, as well as preorder them, via MDeluxe’s Indiegogo campaign. Products are estimated to ship in March. You can also find information about MDeluxe on their website.

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