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Do you have a cat who was either born or adopted on February 29? If so, then technically, you only celebrate his or her birthday or “gotcha day” every four years. And while all cats are special, maybe leap year kitties extra special?

According to astrology, people born on February 29 have unusual talents and personalities. They are said to be good-natured, outgoing and friendly. They are optimists who see the positive side of any issue and are loyal friends. They are said to have a magical “sixth sense” of the world. I wonder whether that also extends to leap year kitties?

Leap Day: The Gift of Extra Time

And maybe leap year kitties also serve to remind us that leap years come with a precious gift. After all, how many times a day do you find yourself saying “if only I had more time?” Well, every four years, you actually get that extra time. And it’s up to you how you spend it.

Do something special today. Do one of those things on your list that you never seem to find time for. Treat yourself after work and go somewhere special for a drink or a meal. Better yet, call a friend and ask her to meet you there. Spend extra time with your cats. Whatever you do, don’t let this precious gift of extra time go to waste.

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I will be spending a little less time on the computer today. I’ll go for an extra long long walk. I might even take a nap with Allegra and Ruby.

How will you use your extra 24 hours?

And if you have cat who was born or adopted on February 29, please tell us about your leap year kitty!

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5 Comments on Leap Year Cats & the Gift of Extra Time

  1. My tuxedo “Bones” passed away this year on Feb 29th
    This was also the day my new kitty was born in memory of Bones’s sister Tiger Lilly who passed away at the age of 21yrs a month before her younger brother bones who was only 8yrs, i believe he was heart broken. This year i would like another baby bones. RIP my loves,,love mommy

  2. I worked on 2 crochet projects and went to work but while I was home crocheting I patiently waited to hear bout a job promotion and I got it, YAY!!

  3. This year the gift comes on a Monday, so it doesn’t feel much like a gift. I’ll spend it like I do on every Monday, cleaning house and doing laundry. But I will take some extra time and maybe take a nap and cuddle with my cats.

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