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Scratching is a natural behavior for cats. Cats scratch to groom their claws; the scratching motion helps remove dead sheaths from their front claws (they usually chew them off their back claws). They scratch to mark their territory. They scratch for exercise; scratching stretches the muscles in the front legs and all along the back. And they scratch simply because it feels good. The problem comes in when this natural behavior collides with our living space. While some cat guardians have resigned themselves to living with scratched furniture, sometimes “sacrficing” one piece to the cats, there are other ways to protect your furniture, and still let your cat be a cat.

The Furniture Protector Cat Scratchers by Kool Kitty Toys offers a clever solution: these patent-pending scratchers are designed to protect furniture. The scratcher slides under the leg of a chair, couch, table, or other piece of furniture and turns the corner of the piece into a scratching post.


The scratchers come in two versions: sisal and carpet, to cater to your cat’s preference or to offer a variety of scratching surfaces, which is always a good idea. This sisal version features a removable lid which lets you add fresh catnip into the cylinder. Kool Kitty Toys uses unique catnip filter packs. And as an added bonus, the lid doubles as a beverage holder. You can read our review of these scratchers here.

Allegra scratcher

True to their mission to design innovative products designed for cats’ natural play instincts. Kool Kitty Toys has created a new packaging for the furniture protector scratchers: the Kool Kitty Hotel. These super fun boxes double as a napping spot, hiding place, and kitty jungle gym. Simply cut openings along pre-marked lines on the box, and voila: in addition to the scratcher inside the box, you also get a toy that will provide endless fun for your cats!


The Kool Kitty Hotel is sturdy enough that it should hold up to even fairly rough play for a good long time. The boxes are recyclable.

All Kool Kitty Toys are made in the US by disabled veterans. A portion of all sales is donated to pet rescue and anti-declawing organizations.

For more information about the Furniture Protector Scratcher, the Kool Kitty Hotel, and all the other fun products from Kool Kitty Toys, please visit their website.

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  1. Good idea to surround the flat scratching pad surface to minimize tracking and scattering of the shreds as happens with the corrugated paper/cardboard scratch pads.

  2. there ya go…another “why-the-hell-didn’t-I-think-of-that-slap-myself-in-the-head” moment………………………grrrrrrrrrrrrr……………..

  3. We have one of Kool Kitty Toys’ scratchers and my cats love it. The Kool Kitty Hotel box is such a great idea too.

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