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I first saw Kitty Cat Condos at Global Pet Expo in Orlando in March. These stunning cat condos were hard to miss, even in an exhibit hall the size of five football fields filled with pet products. Created by Robert Lang, a cat lover from Australia who refused to buy low quality and unappealing cat furniture, these unique Kitty Cat Walls are custom built to create an indoor paradise for your feline family members.

“I wanted our two cats to be happy and comfortable,” said Robert. Max, a one-year-old tuxedo cat who was one of a litter of five kittens who Lang found outside his office along with their mother, and Sammy, a five-year-old Ragdoll, are treasured family members. They go to work with Lang every day, and serve as models for his products.


Each Kitty Cat Wall is custom built, and comes in a range of custom sizes and colors. The wall can be tailored to suit your existing décor and color preferences. The products are handcrafted to the highest standard and offer superior durability. I was impressed with the condos on display at Global – they were extremely well made, sturdy, and every part of the design is done with the cat’s comfort and safety in mind.


Despite their size, Kitty Cat Walls are designed to blend seamlessly into your home. And best of all: they ship fully assembled!

Kitty Cat Condo’s newest offering includes a “cattaman.” This ottoman can serve as foot rest or coffee table for the humans in the household, and a resting place and playhouse for the cats.


Kitty Cat Walls are an indoor sanctuary, kitty jungle gym, entertainment center and playground all in one fantastic package. For more information, and to order your own custom Kitty Cat wall or Cattaman, please visit

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18 Comments on Kitty Cat Condo Reviews: The New Wave of Feline Furniture (With Pictures)

  1. My Jasper would love one of these. I have a 3 tier regular old fashioned cat tree. I live in a 1Bdr. apartment, so I’m hoping one of these will fit.

  2. Very nice, they’re super cool looking and my kitties would love them. I’ll be watching for the pricing information.

  3. What beautiful kitty condos! My kitties would love it! Time to save up money and figure out a perfect place to put it. I need to get rid of some human furniture so I have space for all the feline furniture!

  4. What I’d like to know and what wasn’t clear from the website was the range in prices of the Ottoman and some of the Illustrated condos. Also is he physically located in Australia which I imagine would be prohibitive for me in terms of shipping price for a fully assembled unit. The designs are fantastic and my two feline indoor Hooligans would love any of his creations!

  5. They’re gorgeous. The concern I have is whether or not fire retardant or other chemicals are in the carpet fabric. After having a hyperthyroid episode with my cat and told that the chemicals are the primary cause, I check the source of everything.

    • Hi Lyn
      I’m Robert lang the design and builder of the cat walls and cataman the carpet is made by Shaw Carpet in Dalton Georgia the carpet we use is the same type that is used in most American homes the body is made from 17 mm thick plywood made in the USA
      I will check with the carpet manufacturer and see what it consists of and get back to you
      Thank you very for you comments my boys love there walls and cataman to

  6. These are so much fun, I especially love the Cattaman. With seven kitties who love their tree and perches this would be a dream to get them a large one, I’m slightly jealous lol, it’s like the ultimate kid’s fort you dreamed of when you were little. Fully assembled too. Pawsome.

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