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A window perch is one of the most wonderful things you can offer your cat. It provides a prime viewing and sunny nap spot, all in one simple, space saving product. I have a window perch on my bedroom and office windows. Allegra spends a lot of time on the bedroom perch every single day.

Allegra on her window perch

We’ve had the same window perch for almost 30 years now, and it held up well through five cats for all this time. Sadly, they no longer make our particular model, but the K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill comes close. Even though it’s not a hammock, it’s a sturdy, well made perch, and, best of all, it will work with any window sill and you do not need to drill holes to mount it.

Kitty Sill features

  • Sturdy enough to hold even large cats, supports up to 40 pounds
  • Super-soft orthopedic foam with removable, washable faux-lambskin cover
  • Requires a 2″ window sill. The legs are 3/4″ wide, distance from window sill to bottom of legs is 8″.
  • No tools needed to mount
  • One-year limited warranty


The Kitty Sill is available from Amazon.

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2 Comments on K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill

  1. I like how this new Kitty Sill is constructed. It looks like it will hold up really well. I have the style like Allegra is on and had it about 20 years. it’s a popular place for my girls and I can always find one on it. I have thought about recovering it as the fabric has small holes in it. I have a little blanket over it.

  2. We have 2 of these, flanking each side of our living room couch windows. They are fantastic. Both our cats fit in them nicely. Soft, rather plush and easy to clean. Only caveat is they will be much sturdier if you screw them into a wall (they do provide hardware for this in the box). Our nearly 100 year old plaster walls weren’t cooperative with the sticky tape, although probably newer homes won’t suffer this issue nor those with kittens since they are so light still. I recommend too.

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