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I’m always looking for sources for natural cat products. Today, I’d like to introduce you to iHerb. They’ve been in the natural products market since 1996, and while the name may be misleading, they carry much more than just herbal supplements. They carry a vast selection of natural products ranging from vitamins to grocery to bath and beauty products, including more than 200 products for cats and dogs. iHerb ships to more than 160 countries.

We had a chance to select a number of iHerb products, and with Allegra and Ruby’s help, I picked out a selection of treats, supplements, and even a couple of toys.

Cat-Man-Doo, Life Essentials, Freeze Dried Chicken for Cats and Dogs

Freeze dried single protein treats are the healthiest treats you can find for your cats, and I’ve long been a fan of Cat-Man-Doo’s products. Allegra and Ruby love these treats. They can also be used to encourage finicky eaters by crumbling them up and sprinkling them over food. These treats come in a 2 oz and 5 oz size.

Cat-Man-Doo, Life Essentials, Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats

Allegra and Ruby love the chicken treats mentioned above, but they went totally nuts for these salmon treats. I don’t recommend fish except as an occasional treat, but I think it’s important to have that one treat that your cats go absolutely crazy for. You can use it for general training, but it can come in especially handy during an emergency. Ruby sometimes likes to hide, and there are still times where I’m not sure where she actually was when she finally comes out. With a “high value” treat like this one, I don’t have to worry. She comes running as soon as she hears the bag.


Cat-Man-Doo, Life Essentials Sprinkles for Cats & Dogs, Chicken

These sprinkles feature smaller pieces of the freeze dried treats in a convenient shaker. This is a great product for finicky eaters – simply shake over the food.

Thorne Research, Animal Health, B ComplexVet for Cats, Dogs & Horses

I’ve long been a fan of Thorne Research products and have used them for myself and my cats. Their B Complex for cats (and dogs and horses, too, you just give a much smaller dose to cats than to a horse!) is an excellent product. Even though commercial cat food is generally labeled “complete and balanced,” it may be lacking in some vitamins and minerals. B-vitamins support the nervous system, promote cell metabolism and organ and tissue health, and support a healthy appetite and digestion. B vitamins are water soluble, so they’re not stored in the cat’s body, so supplementing with a quality B complex is a good idea.

Bach, Original Flower Remedies, Rescue Remedy Pet

Flower essences have been used since ancient times to provide vibrational healing for mind, body and spirit for people. The healing method became better known in the 1930s when Dr. Edward Bach, a British practitioner of homeopathy and bacteriology, developed his range of 38 essences known as the Bach Flower Remedies. One of the best known essences in this line is Rescue Remedy, which helps calm pets naturally during stressful situations ranging from vet visits to thunderstorms. I’ve used it for Allegra and Ruby, and I’ve used the human version for myself for many years.


Beco Pets, Eco Friendly Cat Toy, Bertie The Budgie and Freddie The Fish

Allegra and Ruby were thrilled that our order from iHerb also included a couple of toys. These eco-friendly toys are stuffed with recycled plastic bottles and filled with catnip. They are double stitched to be extra durable, yet soft enough to cuddle and kick. Allegra and Ruby didn’t even give me a chance to cut the toys off the cardboard backing they came on! They are having a blast with these toys. It’s a good thing I ordered two!

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