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Allegra and Ruby were very excited when a box from our friend Kate at Hauspanther arrived in the mail last week. Hauspanther toys consistently rank among their favorites, and they were eager to put some of Kate’s latest creations to the test.

Allegra is partial to the Splats (in the center of the photo above). These colorful toys are made from irregularly cut 100% Merino wool felt pieces. Allegra loves grabbing them and tossing them in the air, and Mom loves the pretty colors (Kate knows us well and chose the Mixed Berries colors for us.)

Both love the Jingle Jax (right front.) They’re designed to mimic long legged bugs, and they have a bell attached for extra kitty appeal. They bounce in crazy direction when the girls toss them in the air. I don’t usually allow the girls to play with toys with attached bells, but these are so well made, I’m not worried about the bell coming loose.


Ruby goes crazy for the appropriately named Skitters. These little cardboard toys move erratically when you roll or toss them in the air. Ruby pounced and jumped high up in the air as soon as she discovered them. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to capture her exuberance on camera, she’s just too fast for me!


Allegra is partial to the two Valentine’s catnip hearts Kate enclosed with her package (photo below), and has been carrying them around the house. One says “nip trip,” the other “ura tiger.”


Both enjoy the Flying Saucers (center below.) They’re made with felt and cardboard. They’re super lightweight and fly erratically when you toss them in the air, which drove Allegra absolutely bonkers. Ruby seems to prefer to bat and chase them on the floor.


Like all of Hauspanther’s products, these toys are extremely well made, safe for your cat, and pretty to look at. What more could you and your cats want from a toy?

For more information and to purchase, please visit the Hauspanther Shop.

*FTC Disclosure: We received these toys from Hauspanther at no charge. Receiving the complimentary toys did not influence our review. Reviews on the Conscious Cat will always reflect my unbiased and honest opinion, or, as the case may be, Allegra and Ruby’s honest and unbiased opinion.

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7 Comments on Keep Your Cats Happy and Entertained With Hauspanther Toys

  1. How do you get a cat to play with toys like that. Lucy doesn’t seem interested in much of anything. She will play with feather wands and stuff with me but it is real frustrating because she is a very patient hunter. She will watch for 5-15 minutes before she will go after anything most if the time.

    • See if any of the tips in this article help, Victoria:

  2. we wonder what the material holding them together is made of…..we have had toys here that use an elastic type material and certain cats (Tim & Daiq) have a tendency to chew on these…..

    • It’s a very thick, strong elastic that is knotted securely. If you have a cat that tends to chew that type of material, then these might not be a good choice.

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