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Worrying is like praying for something you don’t want to happen.

I grew up being a worrier.  I could easily come up with the worst possible scenario for any given situation, and then turn it over and over in my mind endlessly, to the point where I would often let myself get paralyzed with worry.  I knew that this propensity to worry was holding me  back from  letting myself live my life to its fullest potential. 

When I began to understand and really believe that we have the power to control our thoughts, and that our thoughts are vibrations that affect what we experience in our reality, I was able to short-circuit the worry cycle more easily.  It became clear to me that worrying and obsessing over what might happen would only attract the very thing I did not want into my experience.  Worrying also made a statement that I didn’t trust in the wisdom of the universe, and I truly believe that Source wants me to be happy.  I know on a deep level that things will always work out.  All is well. 

We all have the power to choose our thoughts.  We can make a conscious choice that we want to feel good.  Once you make this commitment to yourself, it becomes easier to redirect your thoughts from worrying about the future and to focusing on the present moment instead.  Worrying simply feels too bad for you to keep doing it.

Animals remind us of this every day.  They live fully in each moment and give all their attention to what is happening in that moment with no thoughts towards the future. 

Start today.  Make the commitment that just for today, you will not worry.  You might just get addicted to that worry-free way of being!

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