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I can’t imagine anything more heartbreaking than a cat getting out of the house and going missing. I’m a firm proponent that all cats should be indoors, but I also realize that keeping cats indoors can be a controversial topic. But even with indoor only cats, accidents happen, and a cat may slip out and disappear.

With the advent of GPS tracking collars, finding a lost pet has become much more likely than it ever was before. Nuzzle combines sleek design with function with their GPS-tracking collar made for cats and dogs. Nuzzle is lightweight and waterproof, built of high-impact plastics. You can track your pet’s movement through their mobile app. This could be fun even for indoor cats – if you’ve ever wondered whether your cat moves around during the day while you’re at work or just sleeps in one place, now you can find out! The data plan for Nuzzle is bundled into the purchase price, so there are no additional fees.


Setup is easy: simply put the Nuzzle collar on your pet, download the app, and register. You don’t need to use Nuzzle’s special collar, it will fit on any collar or harness. Nuzzle also monitors the temperature and detects impacts. Nuzzle is powered by rechargeable, removable batteries so you never have to take Nuzzle off while waiting for the battery to recharge.

Nuzzle will also offer pet insurance, because they want to make sure you and your pet are always prepared. Even a small amount of catastrophic coverage can make a big difference, should your cat be faced with a life-threatening illness or accident. The insurance will be accessible through the mobile app, so you’ll always have the information you need when you need it. The insurance comes with a free two month trial period, which is offered with the collar, so you have time to decide if it’s a fit for you.

Nuzzle is launching in the next few months, so keep an eye out for their Indiegogo campaign. Please visit Nuzzle’s website for more information and to sign up for email updates. You can also stay updated with Nuzzle’s Facebook page for sweepstakes and special content.

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20 Comments on Introducing Nuzzle: More Love, Less Worry

  1. Ingrid – Do you know what the main differences are between the Pod product and this product? It looks like Nuzzle can be tracked on a 3G Network, whereas Pod works on a 2G Network? Anyway, I just wanted to find out if you preferred one over the other?

    • I actually am not sure, Pamela. I would recommend contacting Pod and Nuzzle to clarify any questions you may have about either product.

  2. Sounds like a great deal but having a break away collar may pose a problem.As for tracking I would prefer to be able to use my phone. Is this the way it works or is it necessary to have a special unit to track with?

  3. I just LOVE high tech. My problem is low tech. I cannot get a collar on either cat. They simply won’t hold still for it. And then there’s me, I’m not determined enough. And I don’t want them to hate me for putting them through this ordeal. They’re 7 and 8 years old and I’m afraid it’s too late. Any words of wisdom?

    • I wish I did, Monica. The best I can offer is keep trying, but not to the point where it ruins the bond between you and your kitties!

    • I started putting the Seresto collar on my cat when they came out, as he had become impossible to get Advantage onto. He goes outdoors, so we had to have some anti-flea measure happening. The Seresto collar is thin and flexible, soft and light. I made it into a ring which I could slip over his head, and waited until he was relaxed and contended in my lap. I slipped the collar over his head very quickly, and did not try to tighten it right away. Boo’s reaction was, “What was that?” But he didn’t notice the collar! It was a first, he had never allowed me to put a collar on him before. I can’t remember exactly when Bayer brought out these collars, but about 3 years ago? He was 10 years old then. He still wears one of these collars (changed every 8 months), and now with a little tag, again very small and light, with his name and phone # on it. I found the tags (hand made to order) on Etsy. Where I also found handmade collars, Pugs to Persians. My younger cat needs a different, topical anti-flea treatment. She didn’t want to wear collar, either. But these collars are narrow, very light weight, thin and soft, non-irritating cotton fabric. Rosie wears one of these without complaint, so she also has a pretty little tag on now.
      My biggest objection to this Nuzzle collar is the metal hardware. If I thought a cat would wear the device (which looks too big — I would never put something like that on a kitten the size of the poor thing in the photo!), I would put it on a different collar. 1. The collar must be break-away for a cat. And 2. I’ve seen cats get teeth caught in metal hardware — a ring or a buckle. When grooming or trying to get the collar off, they can get their mouths down onto the front of a collar.

      • Thank you for sharing your experience with the Seresto collar, Cheri, to let other know that even cats who reject one collar will possibly accept another. It sounds like lightweight and small is the way to go.

        Just for the record, though: I do not recommend Seresto, or any of the chemical flea preventives.

  4. This is definitely an innovative product, and I think it’s a great idea! Do you happen to know if the collar is a breakaway one?

  5. Thanks for highlighting this product, Ingrid, I’ll look further into it. I researched similar products for the 2nd thriller HIDE AND SEEK when Macy-Cat was lost, and at that time, found only one cat/dog collar product that had a 2-mile range (most were WAY shorter/smaller geo-areas with their hand-held tracking devices). So if this integrates through a phone and has greater range, that would be a huge boon for pet parents. Hmnn, may need to update the fictional product in the next book! 🙂

  6. I had a window unit ac stolen once and lost two of my cats outside. It can definitely happen. I moved heaven and earth to find them and after 2 weeks did so. It was a very scary time. But I’ve learned that even someone dedicated to keeping their cats inside can suffer something like this. My parents house was broken into once – they only had a dog – and my mom came home and was actually alerted to the thieves being in the house because Cleo was loose in the yard and there was a strange car in front of the house, so she was able to call 911 and the thieves were caught in the act. But if they had had cats at the time it could have been a tragedy. I will look forward to the launch of this product. Ever since the ac theft I have tried to keep collars on mine..but they always get out of them..:( Any suggestions there?

    • I’m so sorry you and your mom had to go through these two experiences, Kelley. Thank goodness they both ended well. As for keeping the collars on your cats, the only thing I can offer is to keep trying different brands/styles until you find one that works! Some kitties just seem to be Houdini when it comes to this.

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