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Cats have been in the White House for centuries. Abraham Lincoln’s cat Tabby was the first presidential cat. In more recent times, the Carters’ Misty Malarky Ying Yang and the Clinton’s Socks called the White House home. I’m quite sure that feline energy makes the White House a kinder and gentler place, and I’m equally sure that the world would be in better shape if cats didn’t just live in the White House, but could actually be president. So this Presidents Day weekend, I asked Allegra and Ruby what it would be like if a cat could be president. Not surprisingly, they had some pretty strong opinions on the subject.


If cats could be president,

  • there would be no more homeless cats. Every cat would have a forever home where she is loved and cared for.
  • nap time would be mandated by law. Every cat and every human would be required to take at least one nap each day, preferably together.
  • play time would be mandated by law. Humans would be required to play with their cat at least twice a day. This will not only make cats and humans happier, but it will also ensure a good night’s sleep for both!
  • cats will be allowed to be with their humans in nursing homes, hospices, and hospitals.
  • every office and store will have a resident cat. This will help humans cope better with the stress of having to work to earn money for cat food.
  • catnip would be legal in every state.


If cats could be president,

  • there would be tuna for everyone!

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