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If you’ve read Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin’s New York Times Bestseller Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!)you’ve no doubt been inspired to tackle a few catification projects of your own. I came away with quite a few ideas; the first one I implemented was our kitchen catification.

Jackson and Kate are working on their new book, Catisfy to Satisfy, and they want to hear from you! All you have to do is show them pictures of your catified space and tell them a little about yourself and life with your cats.

They are looking for the following types of projects:

Cat Superhighways – Projects to help your cat navigate the vertical world. For instance, cat shelves, ramps, ladders, stairs, etc.

Blocking off hiding places – Preventing cats from being recluses or “cavers,” spending their lives hiding under beds and couches. Creative ways for blocking off these areas.

Cat Cocoons – As opposed to “caving,’ these approved hideaways provide cozy security even in the middle of a room.

Cat TV – What have you given your cat to pass the time? Bird feeders outside the window, a terrarium, an aquarium, etc.? In other words, what would your cat would binge watch while you catch up on your favorite shows?

Litter Boxes – How have you accomplished making litter boxes work for you AND for your cats? In multi-cat homes, does your litter box have two openings to avoid creating an ambush zone? Have you incorporated your litter boxes into your home decor? Do your cats actually like to use their litter boxes?

Scratching Solutions – What have you given your cat to dig his claws into, besides your carpet and your furniture?

Catios – Enclosed areas that keep cats safe while giving them a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

Jackson explains exactly what they’re looking for in the video below:

To submit your idea, visit and complete the form.

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