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The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter, it isn’t just one of your holiday games. – T. S. Elliot

Written by Abigail Beal

T. S. Elliot may have been on to something. If you’ve just brought home an adorable cat or kitten from the local animal shelter, then you know what the next task is: finding a name for him. Maybe your new family member came with a name you don’t like, or that doesn’t suit. Picking a name for your cat can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a serious matter, and you’ll want to spend some time to find that “just right” fit.

The following tips can help you find the purr-fect cat name for your new furry companion.

The 4 Tips to Choose the Purr-fect Cat Name

1. Keep a pen and paper handy

You’ll want to capture every idea, no matter how far-fetched it may seem. This will be especially helpful if choosing your new cat’s name involves other family members.

2. What comes to you first?

Sometimes the name choices that appear right away are the best. One look into their adorable eyes and it comes to you right away. You just intuitively know that your striped tabby should be called “Max.” Or that friendly orange cat’s name should be “Mango.”

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3. Spend some time with your cat before naming them

Engage them in playtime, pet and cuddle them, and get to know their personalities. Shelter cats especially tend to take some time in a new home before you’ll see the “real cat” emerge. A super active cat could be named after your favorite Olympic athlete. A curious cat could be named Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie. A cat who stalks cat toys with a vengeance might be named Panther, Cheetah or even the classic, Tiger.

4. Do you have other cats?

You may want to give your new cat a name that sounds different from the others. Even though cats are smart and learn their names quickly, it may be a little confusing for everyone if one cat is named Timmy and another cat is named Tommy.

Ultimately there are no rules for naming a cat. Every cat’s name is purr-fect.

How did you come up with your cat’s name?

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Abigail Beal is a writer and a life-long cat lover who has been “owned” by cats simply forever. Her first cat was named Cheshire, after the Alice in Wonderland cat. She now answers to a large, grey cat named Sammy who likes his tuna snack spooned out three times a day. Visit her site to help pick and choose that purr-fect cat name!

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