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There’s a reason why “scaredy cat” is such a common phrase. The list of things that can cause anxiety and stress in cats is pretty long, and can include loud noises, trips to the veterinarian, and moving to a new home. While most cats are initially wary of unfamiliar noises, people or events, they eventually adapt as they get used to the stimulus. However, some cats remain anxious.

Our friends at Great Pet Care have compiled a comprehensive article about how to calm an anxious cat. They offer suggestion on how to calm a scared cat, how to help cats stay calm at night so you can get a good night’s sleep, how to make car rides less stressful, and how to help a cat adjust after a move.

Click here to read How to Calm a Cat.

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6 Comments on How to Calm an Anxious Cat

  1. My 10 month old kitten likes to drag off ANYTHING and EVERYTHING ! I don’t know how to stop this behavior? Any suggestions?

    • It sounds like you need to up playtime with your kitten, Lisa. She’s most likely bored and looking for ways to burn off excess energy. Try structured playtime, 15 to 20 minutes each time, three or four times a day. Use interactive toys. Really get her tired out each session.

  2. I have an anxious cat Caspian and after several vet visits to try and help him, I ended up investigating myself and bought him a thunder shirt. Instantly, my cat stopped throwing up everyday and having diarrhea. I was relieved yet also disheartened that my vet did not consider anxiety as the source for my cats behavior, rather every x ray and poop sample was conducted instead of considering his anxiety.
    $40 later, my cat’s anxiety has decreased significantly and he loves his thunder shirt!! For vet visits and car rides I always have him in his thunder shirt and he does wonderfully well(: He enjoys having his thunder shirt put on so he wears it around the home almost everyday!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with the thundershirt, Kirstyn. I haven’t heard too many cat parents speak favorably of it, so this is great information!

  3. Pele is my anxious little girl. She doesn’t like any other people beside me and my husband. I think the problem here is we rarely have people come over.

    • Hi Janine,
      I also have a brother and sister who are just like Pele! They only come out for me and my husband. They are always around us but we like you do not have a lot of visitors. I get concerned because when we have delivery or workman in our home they run right under the bed and take quite a while to come out.
      They stress out so much I am afraid for them. Have you found anything or anyone that can help them adjust?

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