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Ruby_Ingrid_King_The Conscious Cat

A recent study by the ASPCA looked at how people pick a shelter pet. The Wall Street Journal reports that the research, conducted by the animal-advocacy organization from January  through May of 2011, involved five shelters across the country. About 1,500 adopters filled out questionnaires explaining how they knew the cat or dog was “the one.”

According to the study, “physical appearance” is the top reason given for picking a dog. With cats, “behavior with people” was what convinced most adopters to choose a particular adult cat.

You can read more about the study in the Wall Street Journal.

The study made me think about how I fell in love with all of my cats.


With Feebee, it was love at first sight. He was a grey tabby cat who was born in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to a cat named Blue, who belonged to a childhood friend of my former husband. Walt and I were living in Germany at the time, but we would be moving back to the Washington, DC area shortly, so Walt’s friend saved one of the kittens in Blue’s litter for us. I was smitten the first time I met him. We couldn’t take him home right away, as we were living in a hotel while we were looking for a house. Two months later, he came home with me, and for the next fifteen and a half years, he was the love of my life.

Amber The Conscious Cat

Falling in love took a little longer with Amber. Amber and her five kittens were brought to the animal hospital I managed. Her kittens found new homes in fairly rapid succession. However, nobody was interested in the beautiful mommy cat.  She spent her days in the big adoption cage in the hospital’s waiting area, but with the constant inflow of homeless kittens that is typical for spring and summer, nobody wanted to adopt an adult cat.  I had recently lost my almost sixteen-year-old soul mate cat Feebee, and the grief over his loss was still very fresh.  I did not think I was ready for another cat, but coming home to an empty house was becoming increasingly difficult.

One weekend in July, I decided to take Amber home, “just for the weekend”.  I liked having her gentle and peaceful energy around the house, and I decided that she could stay a little longer.  Not quite ready to acknowledge that she was home with me to stay, I told everyone that I was “just fostering her”. Somehow, the flyers advertising that she was available for adoption never got distributed, and she only returned to the animal hospital for regular check ups.

Buckley in front of the maple tree

With Buckley, it was love at first sight again. As I wrote in Buckley’s Story:

“Have you seen the cute little tortie in the back?” Liz asked. Everybody at the animal hospital knew I was patial to tortoiseshell cats. There was something about the beautiful coloring and the distinct personality that is typical for these cats that appealed to me.

“No, I haven’t,” I responded. “Where is she?”

Liz pointed to the bank of cages at the very back of the kennel, and I went to see Buckley for the first time. And I fell in love. Hard. And fast.

Allegra 014

I first saw Allegra’s photo on Facebook and met her in person a few days later. I felt drawn to her, but it wasn’t love then. It was, however, enough for me to adopt her. She came with a whole set of behavior issues, and learning to love her took a little longer than it did with all of my other cats, but I couldn’t love her more now.

Ingrid with Ruby

Ruby didn’t pay much attention to me the first time I met her. I visited her at her foster home right after her foster mom got home from work, and Ruby was more interested in playing than in visiting with me. However, every once in a while she interrupted her play to jump up on my lap, and that’s all it took. I just knew that she would come home with me.

How did you fall in love with your cat?

Photos top to bottom: Ruby on her first day at home, Feebee, Amber, Buckley, Allegra the first day I met her, Ruby on the day I took her home.

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  1. I just stumbled across this article from a Google search about falling in love with cats. Here’s my story.

    One night in October 2012, a friend of mine called me. She said, “I know you’re looking for a black cat, but [her boyfriend]’s mom has a 5-month-old black and white kitten she wants to rehome. Are you interested?” I immediately said yes. My friend seemed to imply that if I didn’t take this kitten, the woman was just going to turn her loose outside. I was not having that. So my friend picked me up and we went to go see this kitten. When I got there, she meowed at me, rubbed all over me, let me scratch her chin. I was over the moon. I asked the woman what the kitten’s name was and she told me she just called her psycho kitty because the kitten was destroying her stuff. That sealed it. I picked her up, took her home, and gave her a name – Opal. She will be 11 in May and I am still over the moon with her. She’s never destroyed any of my stuff.

  2. I had seen my cat, Charlie, on a rescue website. Someone was holding him like a baby, and I thought, that’s a good cat to let himself be held like that, but he’s kind of funny looking. (B&W with funny odd spots every where, including on his ears. Only cat I’ve ever seen with black spots on his ears.) But I wanted two younger kittens, brothers, at the same foster. I went to see them, and they hid from me. I was stalking them, and Charlie was stalking me, following me and rubbing against my legs. I bent over to look under a table at the kittens, and Charlie jumped up on the table and head butted me. Then he fell down and showed me his belly. I stood up and said, you really want to go home with me, don’t you? He did, and I’m thankful every day that he chose me! He is so loving and has a funny quirky personality.

  3. A friend was fostering her; an adult tortoiseshell, she was recovering from a triple hip fracture after being hit by a car and surrendered to the shelter. As soon as I saw her, our eyes met and we made a powerful connection, I could see the long-standing fear and neediness in her eyes. I knew right then that I wanted to take her home and give her the love that she had been missing. I signed up as a foster with the Humane Society and she did come home with me a few days later.

    I thought she was too beautiful to keep the name Bandit so I ran a few names past her. She meowed in annoyance at every name until we got to ‘Madison’ which became her new moniker. One of my favorite memories is brushing her daily and removing years of scruffy undercoat to uncover her sleek and beautiful orange speckled fur. Over several years she recovered from the accident and regained strength in her hind legs. She also got used to being well-loved and let go of her fear of getting too close to people.

    I’m so happy that Maddee let me know 7 years ago that she wanted to be my family!

  4. Wow…a beautiful post and amazing stories shared in the comments!

    Katie was a surprise anniversary gift. Of course I fell in love immediately…and have always loved her even more because Gloman chose her. …She has also made me love Gloman even more. When a self-professed “dog-guy” adopts a kitty for his girl, how can she NOT just love him to pieces?!

    I fell in love with the idea of Waffles before I even knew he was out there. A silly made up character on my blog, the original Waffles was just a stock photo image. But I turned him into a personality and character I adored…and I just knew there was a REAL Waffles out there needing a home. It’s a complete coincidence that the real Waffles has the same goofy personality as the Waffles I imagined in my head.

    I love them both so very, very much.

  5. My first cat as an adult was Zoe, who I acquired after seeing flyers around the neighborhood. She was a year old when I adopted her, and she was a wonderful stubborn calico.

    When she died at 16 years old, I was devastated. I definitely wanted another cat, and I had to force myself to take some time to grieve. A cat-loving friend visited about three weeks later, and she went with me to a couple shelters. We had decided that I should get a pair of kittens, since I had never done so. The local shelters weren’t adopting out kittens, however, so we went into a three-county phone-calling frenzy until we found a shelter that was. That shelter was 45 minutes away, and they were closing adoptions for the day in 50 minutes.

    We hauled out there and got there five minutes before applications had to be turned in. But you couldn’t turn in an application without first choosing a cat. The volunteer (who gave every indication of wanting to leave for the day) gestured vaguely at a couple of the kittens in cages. When he pointed at my guys, I just knew. They were two brown tabbies, eight weeks old, just brought in from foster care earlier that day. They were asleep, curled up and snuggled together in a bed in their cage.

    I flew over to the office to turn in my application, then came back, where my friend and I got a half-hour to handle the cats. They were purr machines! Friendly, curious, playful. I was so excited — these were my cats!

    Then the volunteer announced, at five minutes to the hour, that if the paperwork hadn’t already gone through, it wouldn’t go through today and I’d have to come back in two days (they were closed in the meantime). And they couldn’t hold the kittens for me.

    So I drove the 45 minutes back home. And I drove the 45 minutes back to the shelter first thing on the day they opened. I got my kittens! (Though they then had to be neutered, so I had to drive back *again* the next day to pick them up!)

    Even after I brought them home, though, it took a month or so until I really “fell in love” with them; I was happy to have them, but I didn’t feel that deep connection. Then, one night, they were snuggled against me and my heart went Ping! and there it was.

    They are now six months old, and just as sweet and playful and curious and cuddly as that first day.

  6. I was devastated by my grandfather’s death twelve years ago, so after I started to get better she brought home a kitten — a thirteen week old tortie-tabby and white. When I picked her up for the first time, she purred in my ear and made biscuits on my shoulder. I named her Lilith, after the mythological figure, because of all the cats we rescued over the years, she was the first one we would be raising from kittenhood. She turned out to be quite a smart kitten. She was very good with her litter box, quickly learned to use her scratching posts, and did not antagonize our two older cats. She also made it very clear that I was her person. When she came home from being spayed, she went right over to me and crawled into my lap for a snooze.

    Fast forward several months to 9/11. I was sitting in front of the news crying but I couldn’t bear to turn it off. Lilith came over and crawled into my lap and started rubbing me and purring in a tone I had never heard before. It’s like she was saying that she understood. She would take care of me until I felt better, and even after I felt better. I had always loved Lilith, but that incident made me FALL in love with her.

    Twelve years later, she’s still with me and she still sleeps on my bed every night. She’s also diabetic, and does not complain when I give her insulin shots twice a day. She still has that special purr when I’m down in the dumps, to tell me she’ll make me all better.

  7. After my beloved, yet cranky old Siamese guy, Simba, passed to the Rainbow Bridge, I was so very lonely. I started visiting the kitties at the Humane Society weekly. I was not in a rush, but hoping to find a sweet Siamese (so very partial to those beautiful blue eyes!) to adopt. I met a comical baby Torti demanding attention, and knew immediately that she should be the kitten for me, but I was holding out hope for another siamese (or part siamese) kitten. Our shelter was doing a 2-purr-one adoption deal, so I made a pact with myself that if a Siamese kitten showed up and the torti was still available, I would adopt both. A week later, my Mom and I were back at the shelter and she fell HARD for a beautiful, mostly white, blue-eyed girl who had been found by some good folks when she was pregnant and alone. Her kittens had all found homes, however they could not find a home for her. The staff informed me that this Mommy cat had been “consoling” the kittens in the next cage over (which happened to be the cage the torti was in). I was intrigued enough and Mom talked me into adopting her. Of course the torti had to come home with me too! With Rigby (the torti) it was love at first sight. She really knew how to win hearts! But, I admit it took me a bit to really warm up to the mommy cat (took me several days to settle on a name for her too). She was shy, and scared, and hid for several days after I brought her home. Once I got to know her, and her coloring really started coming through (she was younger than we realized!) I realized she too was a calico cat, but (surprise!) with color points so we think there is a bit of siamese in her too. In the end it doesn’t matter because now, 3 years later, Lily (the mommy cat) is the sweetest most tender loving girl ever, and I wouldn’t trade her or her feline sister Rigby (the girl with the torti-tude) for the world! By the way, I’ve been forever feeling guilty about my initial feelings for Lily. Thank you for being honest and the reminder that sometimes it takes time to realize it, but we usually find (or are found by) the cats that need to be in our lives.

  8. After my last kitty, Mischa, died, I spent one awful cat-less night and knew that I’d never get through another. The next day I went to talk with a woman about fostering, and brought home Minnie, with a verbal agreement that if it worked out I could keep her, and if it didn’t then I could try again with another. It took me all of three days to fall hard for her – I didn’t think I was ready for a new cat in my life, but she taught me otherwise.

  9. All of your stories are wonderful! Some of them brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing them. I think that all of us are blessed to have the love of these wonderful cats in our lives. How did we get so lucky!

  10. I was not a cat person; I always adopted dogs. My latest, a puppy mill throwaway, Muffy was going blind & deaf. At only 10 years old, she had been dealt a very poor hand and I thought she may like some company while I was working. Our animal control/shelter dept was put on a search for a likely companion. He presented me with a 5 month old tuxedo that had been left outside in a box and IT WAS WINTER! Needless to say, Noelle became Muffy’s seeing-eye-kitty for her last years with us. Noelle became a lonely kitty when Muffy went to heaven. The vet told me about some kittys at the emergency clinic who needed homes. There was one in particular that simply stood out. A stunning snowshoe, KoKoKitty had kidney issues. He was so outgoing and loving. How could I leave him there? He was very social, the life of the party and gave us unconditional love and hours of entertainment for 2 more years. Then I suffered through the loss of yet another much loved 4-legged child. Noelle was once again a lonely kitty and I missed KoKo. The search began once more. Niki was a feral kitten rescued as a 3 month old. She was a beautiful birman mix with ice blue eyes that screamed PLEASE HELP ME. She went through a couple months of adoption and return. She did not trust humans at all. She was 8 months old when I adopted her and did she have issues. She hid under the bed, ran away anytime I got too close and Noelle didn’t like her. What did I get myself in to? Bring her in for a check up & shots…are you kidding me? We began our partnership with bloody, shredded hands. I bought every cat behavior book I could get my hands on, spent evenings watching “My Cat From Hell” over and over and hours on the web. (thank you, Ingrid) It’s been 5 months and we are worlds from where we began. We start every morning with a visit on my bed to wake me. Head-butts, rubs & purrs replace the once terrified behavior. But…Niki wanted to play & Noelle still didn’t like her. What to do? Yea, like you don’t know. Frankie, another feral rescue was only 5 weeks and 4 pounds when he came home to live with us. He looked very much like Niki and was the playmate she really needed. He is also the clown that I missed so much. Frankie became the “glue”. He ignores Noelle’s grumpiness (I think she’s getting senile) and wears Niki out. Frankie goes to the vet next week for his final kitten shot & Niki for her 4th pedicure. Perhaps, someday soon, she will let me do her pedicures just like Noelle & Frankie. Either way, I know she trusts me and although she allows only limited holding time, I no longer have bloody, shredded hands. Niki turned this dog person into a cat person.

  11. what a wonderful story and much of it I remember reading about in your book(s)!!
    With Bobo, it was love at first sight. He was a stray, saw him scaling a 6 ft fence in the dead of winter. Husband (ex husband now) and I were on our way out. Came home and looked for him and he was shivering under a parked car. Brought him in, looked for possible owners for 2 wks, NOTHING. That was it, he was mine. He was my first cat as an adult and he and I shared 18 wonderful years (When I found him he was about 6 mos old)

    With Cody it was totally different. Bobo had passed two weeks earlier. I was at a PetCo adoption event. I actually picked up his 2 littermates first. One looked exactly like Bobo …she wanted nothing to do with me, nor did Cody’s brother.

    I never was really drawn to gray cats, but I asked to hold the “gray one”…that was it. Cody melted into my arms, lap, face, chest….lol….he couldn’t get CLOSE ENOUGH and made no attempt whatsoever to move for the next hour. I called my husband and said “I found a great cat, he’s truly special and I am bringing him home” Cody was about 10 wks old at the time and he is now 6 and is STILL a CUDDLE BUG!


  12. All of my cats have been rescues, 2 of the 3 I have now rescued from the racetrack. Racer (you guessed it, named because of where she came from.) was a teeny little ball of fur fast asleep on a bale of hay when I first saw her. I melted immediately! I couldn’t leave her in the path of all the horses coming and going so I brought her to our tack room till the end of the day then took her home. Racer is a polydactyl, which means she has extra toes on her feet. She looks like she’s wearing someone else’s mittens! I don’t know if it’s that or just her personality but she’s the most fun cat I’ve ever had. Such a character! At 11 years old she’s still a force to be reckoned with, still goofy and fun. I’m so gad I picked up the wild little ball of fur off that bale of hay and that no one else wanted her!

  13. —-My Mandy, Adopted from a shelter, Dec. 2011, 5 months after My Kitty (her name) of 23 years, crossed the Bridge. (Mandy looks just like the kitty above, on far right, pictured under the month of June:) OK, for a couple of months, I looked & looked through shelters for my next kitty. I was surprised no cat seemed to be “the one.” Then one day, I was determined. I went to 5 shelters! At the 4th, one kitty was had her paw extended out of the cage to me, waving: “Take me, Take me.” Meeting this kitty, she was very personable. I thought she was “the one.” But for some reason, I put a “hold” on her for 1 day, & this shelter had a 100% adoption rate. There was 1 more shelter to see, 30 miles away. I had a print-out from “Pet Finder”of a female cat, “Mandy.” However, I did not know if I wanted to drive that far & into the city. But I did. —–“Mandy,” age 7, was in the shelter for 2 months. She had been put in a room by herself to roam free, as she was afraid, freaking out big time in a cage with all the dogs & cats nearby. This was her 3rd time in a shelter: 1st age 2, 2nd age 5, 3rd age 7. There was no history of her being a problem cat. Owners developed other plans that did not include Mandy. So here she was. —–I sat on the floor & Mandy approached me immediately. Got on my lap, purred…& off. There was something standoffish about her. But then, she did not know me. I was unsure. I wanted a real cuddle kitty. I felt Mandy might not be. But something deep inside told me Mandy was the one. I adopted her. Brought her home. Mandy turned out to be the “CAT FROM HELL!” —–I could not approach her. Deep scratches needing antibiotics. Hid. Howled. I researched on the web, took Mickey to the vet, called the shelter for more info. Mickey was in good health. The shelter had an animal behaviorist call me. Nothing worked. What to do?! Mandy had a Forever Home with me. Once adopted, an animal was “family.” So, I decided Mandy was home on HER TERMS. —-Very “telling,” on her 4th evening with me, I needed to go out for @ 4 hours. I came home. It was dark. Mandy howled like a baby when I got in the door. I did not know her history, but just maybe she had “abandonment” issues, & deep down, knew she was safe with me, but was very wary & scared. TRUST. —-It took over 6 months. Slowly Mandy approached me, retreated, hid. Today, 1 1/2 years later, Mandy is the kitty I was searching for. Purrs constantly. All over me. Cuddly. Mandy taught ME. Relationships develop at their own pace. Never know what the other’s history is. Patience. To trust my instincts. She-was-“THE ONE” <3

  14. Well, the first cat I will remark on will be Bebe. I owned her mother first, and she was a stray. She was gorgeous! I wanted her because she was a stray. My dad said no, so I kept her hidden for a couple weeks and then told him she was still hanging around, so he gave in. She gave birth to Bebe and she was just as beautiful! I had her for 19 years. Next would be my Licorice! I picked him out from a lady who was giving kittens away. He was the only one who came over to me. That did it. I had him for 14 years and he developed kidney disease. Next is Katia. She was from the animal care council here. My daughter fell in love with her. We didn’t have her but only 5 months. She had kidney disease and they didn’t know it. Next is my Meeko. I got him from a co-worker whos cat had kittens. Meeko was the only survivor. He is a lynx and I did some research and found out why the others didn’t live. They have a lot of health issues. Life expectancy is only 5 years. Meeko just turned 10 in April. I originally wanted him because he was almost the spitting image of Licorice. His personality is different though. Him and I have formed a bond over these 10 years. He accepts the other 3 but I am sure he would be happy being the only one. He doesn’t like me giving any of the others attention. He will come right over to me. He follows me everywhere unless he is sleeping. Cisco is another one I have right now. He was a stray on the street and came running over to me and my son so I decided to keep him. I call him a boobie because he is so silly. He looks like he has a screw loose when he looks at you, but he is very intelligent. He is a lover too. Princess is my only girl. She is such a lover. I spotted her when she was at Pet Smart through the Humane Society. She was only one just sitting in her space, not reacting to anything. I saw on the card that she was 10. Even though my son wanted another one I told him that she would not get adopted because of her age. I was right, but for the wrong reason. Come to find out she was the humane society for 6 months because she was so timid. She wouldn’t go to anyone. When the girl finally got her out of her cage she came running right over to me and jumped in my lap. I had to wait an hour for my landlady to call to ok that I could adopt her and I wasn’t leaving without her. Come to find out when I took her to my vet, she wasn’t that old. She is roughly the same age as Meeko (10). She has really come out of her shell. She doesn’t hide or anything anymore. I have had her for 6 years. Sam I wanted because he was just so darn cute and was going to be euthanized. He is my trouble maker. He is always trying to play with the others and he is a little too rambunctious and they get irritated with him. He is a little lover and if I am sitting he is right there next to, or on me.

  15. Hey Ingrid! I hope you’re doing well. I fell in love with Rajah quite easily. While at the store where the shelter was holding adoption day, someone was describing the different kittens to me when a worker interrupted us. “I’m sorry, but there’s a tabby in that cage to your left. He’s been staring at you since you walked in here,” she informed me. “He’s been staring at me?” I asked. “Yes. Let’s get you two in a room.” It was love at first pet for me and the rest is history. Rajah was purring happily. While Rajah does have some petting aggression I’m working with him to decrease, he’s a well adjusted cat. He’s almost two and I love him with all my heart. He’s not a cuddler yet, but when he does show affection, he loves to rub up against me, kiss me and head butt me until the cows come home or maybe in this case it’s mice. LOL!

  16. It was love at first sight with Truffle the first time I saw her picture. With Brûlée, it was different. I was looking at a different kitten and right before I was leaving, Brûlée came over, rolled over on her back and reached out for me. She was picking me and wanted me to know it.

  17. Two of my cats chose me. I went to see PussPuss, a foster at the vets. While I was talking with the technician a paw reached out of a cage and tapped me on my shoulder. Her quiet mew and that tap were enough. We went home together. A year later I heard about Malcolm, abandoned in a blizzard and suffering frostbite and numerous parasites. Feeling sorry for his sad situation I went to see him. I fell in love with this little black ball of fluff and adopted him although he had to stay at the clinic for treatment for another two weeks. He trusted me implicitly and we were companions for 18+ years.

    After PussPuss passed I heard about another pet who like Puss had been surrendered, no longer wanted because of behavioural issues. Monty was the second cat to pick me…again the tap on the shoulder and tiny miaow did it. I took him home immediately. His was a short life due to heart issues but what a happy time he, Malcolm and I enjoyed while he was with us.

    My current five were all fosters that I fell in love with and couldn’t let go. Whiskers, a social butterfly like PussPuss, her daughter Gentle Mouse a very needy, but shy love-bug were inseparable so here they arrived together, here they happily adjusted to life indoors. I was in love the first minute when Whiskers climbed out of the joint carrier, leapt into my arms, gave me my first kiss of millions. She also stood guard between the ‘world’ and her daughter acting as her protector until GM was comfortable in her new surroundings -a good many months. I couldn’t uproot GM to adjust to an adopted home elsewhere so here they both remain, my tabby charmers. In return I get unlimited kisses, head butts and snuggles. What more could I ask?

    Sweetie came to me with a broken leg, a feisty, yet unwanted 5 week old. She healed here, decided my nighty and lap were the perfect surrogate mummy, we bonded, and now she, the youngest, rules the roost – the mischief of the bunch! The boys, Étude and Rondo, were born here and remained after mom and two sibling were adopted. Nobody seemed to want two big, rambunctious, and very noisy water-babies. So, after two years in foster care with me it seemed time to finalize the adoption of these chatty boys and let them enjoy the rest of their lives getting the tummy rubs they so love.

  18. About 8 weeks after losing our 10 year old cat, my partner Jeff and I went to the humane society to “just look”. We looked at all the cats and didn’t really see one that felt ‘right’. Then we saw Ansgar – a little black kitten. He had been sleeping in a bottom corner cage and we kind of overlooked him as we browsed. When we were done looking at the other cats, we were standing in front of his cage and he woke up and just looked at us. We decided to take him into one of the adoption rooms and he walked right up Jeff’s chest and put his purry face in Jeff’s face like he was saying “ok, I’m ready to go home!”. That was it – we took him home that night.

  19. I have lived with cats all my life -lucky me, I know- they have come in different characters, sizes, and colors… some from litters at someone’s home, some from shelters, some just arriving home.
    There are three boys at home now. I cannot remember ‘a moment’ of falling in love, I feel as if I have loved them from the word go everytime.
    I got the eldest from a litter ‘advertised’ on our vet’s board, he has always been big, actually he was huge and adorable at 4 months old. The middle one was under a bench next to the bus stop, that morning I looked at that little black face and could not leave him there, so I got back home, settled him, and went back to get to work late. The little one was in a cage with bigger cats, and looked -and was- so skinny and fragile, I held him and knew he was coming home with me, eventhough none could have called him good looking at the time.

  20. We never had cats because my son and I had allergies and asthma, but when my husband, who was depressed from a chronic illness, improved while staying at a summer cottage with a cat, my son and I resolved to get a cat for his sake, even if we had to resort to medication ourselves. Two cats, to be company for each other. I went to half a dozen shelters, but kept coming back to a trio of four-month-old kittens in the local shelter here in Santa Monica, tumbling all over each other playing leapfrog. They were so funny and happy, I fell in love. “They’re good natured and outgoing,” the shelter man said. I could see that. The three were littermates, and one was particularly beautiful, a tortie tabby with a Bengal strain. She had gorgeous chocolate and red striped coloring, a sweet face and large green eyes. Her two sisters, classic longhaired torties, were darker butterballs with funny marked faces. But we couldn’t go from zero to three cats, that was crazy! I bought two, and asked the man to throw in “one of the torties – you choose.” When I got home, what came out of the box but the two torties! I called the shelter and was told I could come back and exchange cats. I thought about it for a moment. “No,” I said, “some things are Meant.” I went back and instead of “returning a cat” (how horrible – like Sophie’s Choice!) I got the pretty little tabby, my original first choice. When I took out my wallet to pay, the man stopped me. “If you buy two,” he said, “you get the third one free.”

    I cannot tell you how much love, joy and laughter Pindar, Martial and Catullus have brought into the lives of my husband Peter, son Paul, and myself. We never can understand how we could have lived without cats so long. Peter’s depression and health improved, and we are the happiest family of six you can imagine!

  21. With Moe, I saw him at the shelter. He was 5, a beautiful black/white domestic cat stuck in a cage. I kept going back to see if he got adopted yet and he didn’t. I couldn’t stand seeing this big cat stuck in the cage month after month so finally asked my husband if we could get a cat. He said we could so I quickly went back for him. He was actually on view at PetSmart that day so I got him from there.

    With Spunky Doodle, she was born as a stray at my dad’s house and was the most adventurous of the litter. Born in May, but when July came around, I couldn’t stand the thought of her being out all winter. I fell in love with her when I saw her trying to climb up the big tree in my dad’s front yard.

    Manny Boy belonged to a friend of mine who was looking for a home for him because she got pregnant so had to stay off her allergy medicine. Our Mr. Moe had died five months before and I was ready to get another cat. Manny was so friendly! I fell in love with him right away, but he was very mad at me for removing him from his home and took some time to adjust. He went from being Mr. growly grumpy puss to Mr. Nice Nice over a few weeks.

  22. The first cat i owned in Mumbai was a adopted Albino/Siamese mix from a “Pet Shop” in Mumbai’s Crawford Market. I happened to visit the “Pet Shop” section of this famous market in Mumbai(Bombay) when i came across a cage with a few thin white kittens. The pet shop owner told me to take all the three kittens free of cost as they seemed sick and malnourished.One of the kittens had a certain pink paint colouring and hence i picked it.On arriving at home took it to the vet and got it medically treated and that dying kitten “Trixie” lived in my household for 12 long years. Thats destiny, a cats luck. Read her unbelievable life story and she proved the proverb “A CAT HAS 9 LIVES”. :-

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