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When I adopted Ruby seven years ago, I didn’t realize that I would be embarking on the search for the perfect litter box. Ruby is a vertical pee-er. She doesn’t spray. Spraying is usually done by male cats. When a cat sprays, he stands up, typically makes a treading motion with his back feet, quivers his tail and sprays urine onto a vertical surface such as a wall. Spraying is a marking behavior.

Ruby starts out squatting and peeing horizontally, but slowly and gradually raises her rear end throughout the duration of her peeing. A normal size litter box wasn’t high enough to contain the urine. The simple, regular size open litter boxes I had had in the past no longer worked. And so the search for a litter box high enough to contain her pee began.

I don’t like covered boxes. Most cats don’t like them either. They don’t like not being able to see while they’re doing their business. If covered boxes aren’t scooped immediately after the cat deposits something in them, the stench becomes concentrated inside the box (think of a covered litter box as the feline equivalent to a Port-a-Potty). I also like to be able to see what my cats are doing when they’re using the box. Some health problems first manifest through unusual behavior in the litter box, such as straining.

Of course, you can always get a large plastic storage container with high sides and cut an opening on one side that’s low enough so the cats can get in. This can work well, but it also looks pretty ugly. While my litter boxes aren’t the center of my decor, they are in pretty visible spots (I don’t believe in hiding them in a dark corner), so I wanted something that was at least somewhat pleasing to the eye.

NVR Miss™ Litter Box


Seven years ago, there weren’t a whole lot of high sided litter boxes on the market. When I saw NVR Miss™ at a cat show, the company kindly gave me a box to test – and the rest is history. I’ve been using this box ever since, and we’ve never had an accident again. Additional bonus: very little litter gets scattered outside the box. Available from NVR Miss™ for $20.95 plus shipping.

Since then, I’ve found a few additional high sided boxes. The NVR miss is 11.2 inches high, some of these are actually a little bit higher.

Catit High Sided Litter Box


Catit is a brand I’ve come to love and trust, and I was thrilled to see that they offer this litter pan. At 11.2 inches, it’s the same height as the NVR Miss™. The added rim acts as a shield to prevent spillage. Available from Amazon with free shipping on orders over $25.

Iris Open Top Litter Box


The Iris Open Top Litter Box comes in three different heights (11.6 inches, 15.05 inches and 15.75 inches) and features a removable shield. Available from Amazon with free shipping for some models.

Littermaid High Sided Litter Pan


At 11 inches high, the Littermaid litter box is slightly lower than the the others, but still a good option. Available from Amazon with free shipping on orders over $25.

Nature’s Miracle Corner Litter Box


The Nature’s Miracle Corner Litter Box is only 10 inches high, but the corner design may work well for some living spaces. Available from Amazon with free shipping on orders over $25.00.

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