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I really hope and pray that soon there will come a time where there won’t be a need for these types of posts – they’ve been coming much too frequently over this last month with back to back disasters on both coasts. On Sunday, I wrote about how to decide where to donate when there’s so much need everywhere, and I promised you a round up of organizations who are helping animals affected by the California wildfires.

Napa Humane

Napa Humane is taking in as many animals as they can and is coordinating with other shelters in the area. They need volunteers and donations. The photo below is from their Facebook page. Click here to donate.

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UC Davis Veterinary Catastrophic Need Fund

On Friday night, the UC Davis veterinary hospital took in eight cats with severe burns. Thankfully, all have identified owners. The photo below is from their Facebook page  Click here to donate.

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Sonoma Humane Society

The Sonoma Humane Society is taking in animals, offering free basic burn care, and food, crates and supplies for displaced pet parents. They are maintaining a “Found Pets from Fires” album on their Facebook page to reunite the pets in their care with their owners. Click here to donate.

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Photo at top of post via Sonoma Humane Society Facebook page. The kitty in the photo has been reunited with her owners. She is being treated for her burns and is healing well.

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  1. It breaks my heart to think of what these animals are going through. first scared and traumatized by the fires and now missing their families. I hope they are all reunited soon.

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