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It’s no secret that cats love sinks, so the Hauspanther TriPod was designed to create the same feeling. The clear plastic lounge pod gives your cat a purrfect spot to curl up in, and you get your sink back!

Allegra is no sink aficionado, but Ruby loves to hang out in my bathroom sink occasionally. I couldn’t want to find out what the girls thought of this lounge.


The lounge ships flat, and if you’ve read my product reviews for any length of time, you know that “some assembly required” are not my favorite words. The description for this lounge said “metal hairpin legs easily attach with screws.” And much to my delight, that turned out to be true. You don’t even need a screw driver, the lounge comes with a small Allen wrench.

Allegra wasn’t very interested in the lounge, but Ruby was intrigued. What was this spaceship that had landed in her living room?

She kept exploring for a long time, but it wasn’t until I put a pillow into the pod that she was really on board with this new addition to our cat furniture line up. It’s since become a new favorite napping spot.


The lounge measures 20” by 20” by 6.5,” the clear lounge pod measures 11.5” wide by 5.5” deep. It is suitable for cats up to 15 pounds. At about 8 pounds, Ruby is a small cat, and the lounge was the perfect size for her. I’m not sure how comfortable larger cats would be, although the big black cat in the photo at the top seems to look pretty comfy to me. The lounge comes in white and black.


Even though mid-century is not my usual decorating style, I like the sleek, clean look of this lounge. It adds an element of unexpected fun to our living room. And if your cats don’t like it, it can accommodate a variety of other uses including toy storage, cat grass planter, beverage server, ice bucket, or candy dish!


The Hauspanther TriPod Cat Lounge is available from and Hauspanther.

For more information about the lounge, visit

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