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Guest post by Kate Benjamin

Over at, we are huge fans of handmade goodies for cats. There are so many wonderful crafters on Etsy who make the cutest and smartest things! And it’s obvious that they all love their cats very much. Here are just a few of my most favorite Etsy finds.

Lovin’ Like Kittysville

You can’t beat these beautiful retro-style kitty beds from Like Kittysville. Each bed is handcrafted with gorgeous designer and vintage fabrics. The boomerang shape fits kitty perfectly.

Tasty Treats from Jake & Micah

These adorable catnip fortune cookies from Jake & Micah and are sure to please kitty! Each one comes with a cat-themed fortune.

Critters for Kitty from Oh Boy Cat Toy!

Oh Boy Cat Toy makes some of the most awesome catnip stuffed critters! Watch kitty as she attacks the giant roach, or sneaks up on the felt snail. These are sure to be a favorite.

Drink Up With an Olive Meowtini from K Grant Designs

It’s martini time with this fabulous Meowtini set from K Grant Designs! The set comes with two jumbo olives stuffed with catnip and presented in a martini glass. Kitty might get a little tipsy!

Marvelous Melissa Makes Recycling Fun

These little critters may not be able to see, but they will sure give kitty a run for her money! Marvelous Melissa makes her Three Blind Mice from recycled felted wool sweaters. Each one is filled with a little catnip for an extra kick.

Kate Benjamin is the founder and editor of Moderncat, a resource for cat owners with a modern style. She seeks out the newest products for living with cats in a modern home. She tries to identify not only products that fit a modern aesthetic, but also items that are truly innovative and that make living with cats a more enjoyable experience. Moderncat combines product reviews with other useful information for cat owners in a clear and concise format.

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5 Comments on Handmade Goodies for Cats

  1. Aren’t they fantastic, Jolyn? So much more fun than store-bought toys and treats.

    Aren’t the Meowtinis the best, Marg?

    I’m glad you found Moderncat, Mason – it’s a feast for the kitty lover’s senses, isn’t it?

    Love the photos and videos on your site, Tamar – looks like the toys were a big hit with your gang!

  2. i love the olive Meowtinis! my kitties have the OhBoyCatToy roach and LOVE it – check it out!

    Catnip Toys with Sass!

  3. Some really neat items for cats. I just recently found Moderncat thanks to Ingrid and Conscious Cat.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. We will take some of those Olive Meowtinis please. They look just Yummy. Everything else looks terrific too. What a nice selection of good stuff for all of us cats. Thanks for letting us know about them. That Etsy store is a great place.

  5. Love the up-to-date look and feel and the artist’s attention to detail. They’re all so cute too. Thanks for sharing.

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