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Siamese cat quilt

There were a lot of vendors and rescue groups at the National Capital Cat Show last weekend, and there were a lot of beautiful cats, and cat things, to look at, but nothing caught my eye more than this gorgeous quilt.

Created by a volunteer for the Siamese Cat Rescue Center, the quilt is an oversized queen size quilt featuring Siamese cats.  All fabrics are cotton and the quilt has a wool batting for warmth and breathability.  The top was machine pieced and hand appliqued. All the quilt stitching is by machine.  The borders are a multi-colored cotton batik that will go with almost any décor.  The quilt stitching on the border features a row of cats with mice playing above and below them.  The backing fabric has bare winter trees with snow falling in the background. There is a Siamese Cat in every tree.

cat quilt square Siamese Cat Rescue

It’s probably a good thing this quilt wasn’t for sale, because I completely fell in love with it. The quilt is being raffled off to raise money for the Siamese Cat Rescue Center, and you, too, can enter to have a chance at winning this beautiful quilt. Entries will be accepted until May 5, 2012.  You can purchase raffle tickets online. For more information about the quilt, and on how to enter the drawing, please visit the Siamese Cat Rescue Center website.

cat quilt design

I can just picture this quilt on my bed, with the sun highlighting the stunning design, and Allegra and Ruby peacefully napping on it….. A girl can dream, can’t she?

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16 Comments on Gorgeous cat quilt to benefit Siamese cat rescue

  1. I’m with Caren – I was all ready to buy a bunch of tickets but since I moved from Maryland to Oregon, I can’t. Phooey! It is an absolutely gorgeous quilt. So I hope you win it, Ingrid, to give Allegra and Ruby a special napping space.

    • Sorry about that, Peg! If I don’t win, I’m going to work on trying to find someone who can make this quilt for me!

      • This is a beautiful quilt n for a good cause. My Vera is part Siamese too n sure is very vocal.

  2. I saw this quilt at the Hampton quilt show! I’m pretty sure I entered too. So nice, I’d really like to know where you got the patterns for the cat appliques

    • Isn’t this quilt gorgeous, Theia? I’ve been picturing it hanging on my bedroom wall ever since I first saw it… 🙂

    • You can get the pattern for the quilt and the cat applique at Cottonseed Glory Quilt Store in Annapolis MD. The pattern is called Those Darn Cats. They also sell it as a kit with all the fabrics for the quilt and the cats (though the cat fabrics are different than on this one. The borders are not included.

  3. Maybe they might want to consider selling them. Cause I so very much want it too.. Get a fun little quilting group together to make quilts for us would be win win wouldn’t it?

    • Connie, I think this is a one-of-a-kind piece. I can’t even imagine how long it must have taken to make this. But I’m all for that quilting circle you’re suggesting!

  4. I am a quilter AND a cat adopter AND have a seal point cross named Wilson. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous!! IT. MUST. BE. MINE!!!

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh noooooo!! I just read the rules and there are only certain states that are eligible to enter and Michigan isn’t one of them 🙁

    • Oh no, I’m sorry, Caren. Maybe if you contact them, there’s a different way you could bid on it? It is stunning, isn’t it?

      • I would rather see YOU win it 🙂

        It has your color pallet. 🙂

        I am sure it would be STUNNING in your home!

  6. this is absolutely stunning! What a wonderful cause! The detail in the last photo is just amazing. Having been deeply involved in art and being the child of an Editorial Cartoonist I have a love for all things handmade that knows no bounds!

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