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As far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as too many scratchers. Unless your cat has a distinct preference, it’s important to offer a variety of different substrates as well as orientations. Some cats prefer sisal, others carpet. Some like to scratch vertically, some horizontally, and some, at an incline. Some like to scratch in all of these ways! The Scratch Ladder™’s innovative design offers cats a variety of scratching surfaces to meet all these needs.

ScratchLadder features

ScratchLadder is a four-rung system designed with interchangeable panels featuring sisal, wood, carpet and cloth to cover various scratching preferences. It is  handmade from high quality materials and produced by Pine Ridge Industries, a division of the Schenectady ARC. The Schenectady ARC is a chapter of The Arc, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The individual panels attach with heavy duty velcro strips, so you can easily move them into different positions, depending on your cat’s preference. Panels can be purchased separately.


Read our full review of the ScratchLadder here.

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Scratch Play Meow gives back

Scratch Play Meow donates ScratchLadders to local humane societies. Check out this video of their visit to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society:

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153 Comments on Giveaway: ScratchLadder Scratching System

  1. My cat would love this! She only will scratch 2 things, one being her scratching posts, which is great, but she also has a thing for scratching at carpet so I really need something like this! Perfect for her!

  2. One prefers fabric and two prefer sisal. Although they all occasionally indulge in pulling themselves along the bottom of the sofa 🙂

  3. We have a cat tree so they use the rope wrapped posts on that. I would love to introduce new surfaces to them.

  4. I’ve got 4 cats, and they all have different preferences. Our youngest is the smartest because she claws on the cat tower we have. Our oldest is sneaky, she will claw mattresses and back of chairs. Our only make does his outside, thank goodness! And another likes to claw the couch, grrr.

    • My girls have a cat tree. My little one is great st using it my older one needs a new scratching idea to get her attention

  5. My cat prefers dense fabrics and short/low pile carpets (like most area rugs). We bought some carpet scraps and put them on some scrap wood for her… she likes it, but it is not pretty and and she definitely likes to change it up and scratch other things here and there! She definitely needs all the scratching surfaces she can get… she has at least 6 claws on all of her paws!

  6. We have multiple cats. Some of them love cardboard, some of them love the carpet, and some of them love wood.

  7. My two seem to like everything to scratch on- we have sisal, cardboard and a carpeted tree. This ladder would provide all of the surfaces in one place- brilliant!

    • My cats like flat, or vertical sisal scratching posts, whether upright or knocked over like a ramp, flat and ramp-style cardboard scratchers, carpet, or carpeted cat towers and the carpeted base of their vertical sisal scratcher, a flat woven sisal scratch mat sewn into a tough poofy fabric border, which also doubles as a great place to crash, bedskirts, bed spreads, mattresses, blankets, pillows, furniture covers, furniture, walls, doors, although the last two are not normally intentionally destructive but for the sole purpose of waking us up, getting our attention, for food, play, cuddle time, or begging to play in the bathroom sink, bath tub, and, if I don’t close the lid, they’ve tried to play with the toilet water, but usually end up falling in.

  8. My cat seems to love many different textures. She has liked the rug and cardboard scratchers we have given her so I think she would love this.

    • Ok, this is weird. I already commented and submitted the comment, it wants me to do it again, and as far as I can see, it is not providing me any way to click through to the next step.

  9. i love this scratching post, all of the different surfaces. she likes carpet, which i have rugs, and cardboard, the ruff cardboard surfaces.

  10. My cat will scratch everything, so we found that giving her a piece of foam mat that you use for exercising seems to curb her need to scratch the furniture and door frames.

    • My cats prefer my furniture as my living room set and my box springs 🙁 Need something else to deter them away from that.

  11. I have seven cats and they each have different preferences. Some like wood, some like carpet(not a fan of that!) And some like cardboard!

  12. Cardboard. They are great about keeping scratching to their cardboard scratchers and a cardboard box they play with a lot.

  13. With five cats, they love it all. sisal, carpet, cardboard. You name it and one of my five love it. 😉

  14. They seem to prefer the Wooden door framing in my hallway. Had to start enforcing a no scratch rule when one got a piece of wood stuck under the claw and it caused and infection. 🙁

  15. This is pretty cool looking! My cats love wrapping paper and anything that makes a lot of noise. I think they would be intrigued by this colorful sharp piece of furniture!!

  16. My cats seem to enjoy using my couch and mattress! Ocassionally, they’ll use the cardboard type.

  17. My cats like to scratch on the couches, carpet, and sides of the walls . They have claw claps on now, but I’m sure they’d still love this!

  18. My 5 kitties would go crazy for this scratchy ladder. They’re not picky about where they scratch their claws, on flat scratch boards or pole ones it makes no difference to them as long as they can exercise their claws lol

  19. My kitties are pretty easy to please, they like sisal, cardboard and carpet scratchers! I’m always looking for more things to spoil them with.

  20. my cats love cior carpets and cardboard this is amazing just added a new kitty to the pack 4 i had. this would get lots of use

  21. My diluted torti… prefers the carpet… and door frames (UGH).. This would be great gift for her… Thank you for the chance to participate.

  22. Goid luck to all you fur babies.. And My 2 cats don’t have one but Certainly Would Live to see if they would y one! Thank you for sharing!

  23. My kitten seems to prefer the couch over scratchers, but we’re trying unique options like this ladder!

  24. My cats love the carpet like scratching pad and wood! This scratching pad you have would work wonders and my cats would fall in love! ❤️

  25. Right now they like the baseboards and around the door frame lol! I would love to try something like this to see if they liked it.

  26. My cat really loves scratching on sisal rope surfaces! He’s a vertical scratcher, not a horizontal scratcher!

  27. sisal and cardboard are what my fabulous felines all love to claw until they meet the underside of a boxspring 😉

  28. My cats prefer a soft scratching surface or rope like material. In fact it can be difficult to keep them from scratching on the couch, so this ScratchLadder system would be perfect!

    • Most of my cats like the vertical post scratchers covered with sisal, 1 of them likes the horizontal scratch lounge, & one of my old girls, Peanut, prefers my upholstered chair.

  29. I love this idea! What a wonderful way to satisfy a cats need to scratch! Maybe it would help save my next couch from the fate my current one has suffered…

  30. I forgot to mention that of my 5 kitty girls, 4 of them scratch their own scratchy things. Ren, however, likes to scratch the back cushion on one of my chairs. So I am hoping that one of the pads on this scratching system will replace the chair cushion in her affections!

  31. This ScratchLadder Scratching System is great! I especially like that the individual panels attach with heavy duty velcro strips, so they can be easily moved into different positions, and that panels can be purchased separately. I have 5 kitty girls, all of whom would love this scratching system for different reasons. They really hope they win.

  32. All of those surfaces are liked by my crew of furballs. And all of my furballs have sharp claws. Do you have a skin-covered panel? 😉

  33. I have one cat that prefers vertical scratchers with carpet, the other prefers the cheap cardboard ones that she can also lay on.

  34. This would make a great scratcher for my cat as she will try to use almost anything to scratch. Love it and feel my cat would love scratching it too. She likes to scratch a lot so this would really help in deterring from scratching somewhat. I love this cat scratcher and would rather have her scratching this scratcher than furniture or who knows what LOL.
    Hope my cat and I win.

  35. My girl likes wood – but I like the way the different materials are set on an incline – I think she would really love this.

  36. Unfortunately for me, my biggest scratcher loves those cheap cardboard scratchers. But the rest like carpet, chairs, couches, mattresses, ect … lol.

  37. My senior kitty, Moko, has never really been a scratcher, but my three-year-old Kotoha does. Her main place to scratch is one of the posts on Moko’s cat tree. She does do some minor scratching on one corner of the old couch in the TV room – and only while I’m sitting on it and she wants attention (she mostly just stretches up and does a little scratch – when I reach for her she will let me pick her up if she wants to cuddle or run off when she wants to play) I’m getting a new couch in the TV room so this would be perfect to put along the side where she would typically scratch.

  38. This scratcher is awesome! My two babies like fabric (translation-my pillowcase, which unfortunately, shows the result of that) and one LOVES cardboard and the plastic bags you get at most stores. And he’s the one that tore up my pillowcase! They would both LOVE this scratcher, and would stop them from destroying my pillowcase!

  39. My Fur babies don’t care what they scratch they love to scratch I would love too try this looks very sturdy. I have sisal, carpet even my couch.

  40. Our three love sisal rope and they love carpet too. Scratching is good for them and feels good to them as well. It help to keep their nails trimmed “naturally.”

  41. MaggieMae seems to prefer the sisal best but likes other surfaces also. She prefers to scratch either upright or on an incline best. this looks like something she would really like

  42. That’s actually a really good looking scratcher, I’m sure that my little fur-heads would like it. ❤️

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