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This giveaway is sponsored by Catastrophic Creations

Do you have a cat who likes to see the world from up high? Today’s giveaway is for all of the vertical kitties out there. I first saw the Indiana Jones cat Bridge in the Cat Lounge at last month’s BlogPaws conference, and I’m delighted that Catastropic Creations offered to give one away to one very lucky reader!

The Indiana Jones Bridge comes in varying lengths, in increments of 5″ so you can adapt it to your living space. It has a 9″ x 18″ platform on either end for mounting. The bridge can be mounted on a wall, or on a door frame, giving you lost of different options to create a catified space for your climbing kitties. The bridge comes in various stain options to match your home’s decor.


Enter to win a 40 inch Indiana Jones Cat Bridge

Winner Chooses Stain Color
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For up to seven ways to enter, see the Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway is open to readers in the United States only, and ends Thursday, June 25. Winners will be chosen by random drawing*.

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*No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Winners will be notified via e-mail. Prize winner must provide The Conscious Cat with a physical address to which the prize will be mailed within 72 hours. If this information is not received within that timeframe, an alternate winner will be chosen by random drawing. Winners will be announced in a separate post following the drawing.

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111 Comments on Giveaway: Indiana Jones Cat Bridge from Catastrophic Creations

  1. Our two LOVE to climb & find new high places to perch & stalk each other! This would make a fantastic addition to their environment.

  2. My cat Penny Lane would love this in black. She’s a bit of a daredevil at heart and this could make for some epic instagram photos…

  3. My cat stays at our business/office and he’s a dream, but there aren’t enough places to put a tree– I need to get some wall mounted stuff!

  4. My cats are demons who need tons of room to jump and play. Apartment life can feel cramped for them, so vertical spaces to climb are a necessity!

  5. My cats need a bridge since they have taken to flying from one spot to another. They think Bullwinkle needs a new sidekick.

  6. This is SO cool! We have 5 cats and I know every one of them would really enjoy this, it would be in constant use. I would chose the grey stain. Thanks for the terrific giveaway.

  7. The first picture is just priceless!! πŸ™‚ I’d love to win this for my cat. She loves being up high and climbing up things. She would think the Indiana Jones Cat Bridge was made for her πŸ™‚ What fun! I like the English Chestnut stain the most!

  8. I would choose the English Chestnut stain. I’d like to win this because we are moving into a new house this week and I want to give our kitty a housewarming gift!

  9. This is amazing. We have cats that we are sure would really enjoy the bridge. We really like the red mahogany stain.

  10. I would just love to win this for my son and his 2 cats. He loves those cats and would love for them to have this so lounge in.

  11. We would love to win one with the Espresso Stain! With five us kitties in the house, we are always looking for fun new places to explore and play. The Indiana Jones Bridge looks like it would be tons of fun to play on!

  12. I have a baby who is sequestered indoors because he’s allergic to fleas!! I’d love to give him more exercise and play options!! English Mahogany would be my pick!

  13. I know seven cats who would love this… Well, maybe not all seven… but probably five of them!

  14. My lil Luna is a rescue Russian Blue. I got her when she was about 7mos old. Poor thing was flea-infested and very undernourished. I have had her appox 5mos now and she is thriving!! Her coat is 100 times better and her energy level has sky-rocketed! We live in a small apt-and she is strictly an indoor puss. This bridge and platforms would allow her the much needed extra space to run, jump and explore. Perhaps the natural finish would be best suited for our environment, but we would both welcome it in any color!! Thx soo much for the offer and all the innovative designs from Catastrophic Creations!!

  15. This is so cool! I know just where I’d put it, and my 3 cats would love it!! Something new and different!

  16. This is the coolest thing I have EVER seen! I am crossing my fingers so hard right now. I would love to win this for my little boy Hunter. He is an indoor cat who is unbelievably curious and I know he would absolutely love this!

  17. I would love it in the white as most of our rooms have white moulding. My one cat is very active and loves to climb up to high spots – this would give him a cool way to walk around up top!

  18. My kitty Marco Polo would love this bridge!! He’s so adventurous and loves being up high. I can just see him running on it and perhaps terrorizing our other two cats!

  19. This would be perfect for my 3 kitties, they love climbing and being up high. I like the English Chestnut color.

  20. I think the Onyx one is my favorite. My son and his wife would love this for their cute cats! One just had ear surgery this week. πŸ™

  21. We would like one for our highlander, because he is a fan of his fabric cat maze and wants more! Gray would be perfect.

  22. My cats would love this. I would probably have to get someone to install it, but it would be so worth it.

  23. My three boys would love this bridge! There’s so much to choose from on the site, but this is my hands down favorite. I’m thinking if my boys had one of these bridges, they would be very cool cats indeed. (Even cooler than they already are πŸ™‚ I’m torn between the English chestnut and the Espresso, but I’m thinking the darker one would be better.

  24. I have a precious tabby who will be joined by a new baby brother in about 5 weeks. I just know that this bridge would be such a great way for them to play and bond with one another!

  25. I would love it in cream! I have six cats who would absolutely LOVE this as they are total climbers.

  26. The mom saw this at BlogPaws too. It’s pawsome! And we would love to win it in the chestnut color.

  27. this is so cool……… cat Jaxson would absolutely love one of these; he doesn’t care what color it is!!

  28. I was unable to post a comement on the giveaway page! My precious Mesha-Michonne loves climbing to high places to observe her world. She would love love love this Catastrophic Creations Indiana Jones bridge with matching platforms. She is our first cat and came to us from the Montgomery County Humane Society in MD when she was just 6 months old. The last of her litter to leave. She is a torti-calico weighing almost 7 lbs. We adore her!

  29. I have a certified tree dweller that needs more connecting pieces to her universe. I have a perfect doorway for this to go over.

  30. Three of our four cats would love this bridge! They are climbers and need more spaces to go UP!! It would be beautiful in any color.

  31. My 9 month old boys, Jessie & Bandit, would love this because they like to be up high. I like the Natural color.

  32. I would love to win the Indiana Cat Bridge for my 8 kitties & 3 fosters because they don’t have very much vertical space to retreat to when there is inevitable conflict among them. The English Chestnut stain is my favorite! πŸ™‚

  33. My cats need this bridge because every morning I try to steal their sacred stones from them and chant “Kali Ma Shakti de” at them and they have no frame of reference!

  34. Our current cat condo is in disrepair and something like this would freshen things up πŸ™‚ Plus, we’ve been planning on getting wall mounted cat gyms for a while now.

  35. Thank you for the chance to win! I love these little bridges! I have a feeling all 4 of my kitties would have a great time on this!

  36. I have been eyeing this bridge for a long time. I have 3 cats and live in a small home. They are all indoor cats and get very stir crazy. They each like to explore and be high in the air. I want to provide them with something like this so that they can get some exercise and perhaps some space from each other when they are running around/fighting. I love my cats to the moon and back and always want to provide them with things that will make them happy and fulfilled. My oldest cat cannot defend herself outside anymore so we have to keep her in which makes her upset. This would provide some indoor/outdoor inspired play. Aesthetically speaking I like all the colors but my preference is espresso. Thanks for reading and having this wonderful contest! πŸ™‚

  37. Oh my, yes, we need this! I don’t have enough vertical spaces for my cats and this would be fantastic!

  38. Oh man! My youngest cat, Beeps, was overweight for a very long time. Over the past year I worked with her to lose over 10Lbs in weight, and she has just blossomed as a result! She can jump and run and play, and we’ve discovered that she loves to perch up high– something she was never capable of doing before. I just know that she would LOVE to have this cat bridge to perch and sleep on. The stained red mahogany would look awesome.

  39. My cats are very adventurous and would love this fun bridge! If I won, I would like the natural stain. Thank you!

  40. This bridge in the Espresso finish would be perfect in our cat’s apartment.
    Mako, Winry, and Lillian would all enjoy even further exploration! They love climbing and jumping- and this rope bridge would make for fantastic fun for each of them!

  41. This bridge is so cool, Our 4 furbabies would love this. Keeping our paws crossed we win πŸ™‚ The English Chestnut would be wonderful!

  42. omg my kitties would love this. they are always seeking higher ground to get away from the pesky little puppy who can jump!!

  43. Max and Simon would love this! It would be perfect to bridge the expanse of the living room entryway that goes all the way to the ceiling. I’d choose the Chestnut stain.

  44. Leonardo would so adore this. he is a climber, climber and we have installed higher and higher climbing structures for him. There is a shelf on the wall and another about 5″ away that I bet he would really enjoy ‘cat bridging’ just past everyone’s heads. We like the Gray colored stain (with gray cable!)

  45. My Squeeks and ZoZo would love an Indiana Jones Cat Bridge in, uh, which color Squeek? Grey? to match your fur? What? Zoey you want natural, au naturale? ha Well since daddy has to install it lets go with his pick, honey? “I don’t care”. We love them all but I think the English Chestnut will go best with our cat stuff. Thanks for the opportunity. =^..^=

  46. I would love a bridge for my 4 cats in flat black. I have several cat shelves and the bridge would be a nice addition to the catification!

  47. We’re moving and need to catify our new home! this would be a helpful addition for our four cats.

  48. I would absolutely LOVE to win one of these to add to the 43′ “cat walk” that my friend and I built on my walls for my 5 furbabies! It looks so fun!!!

  49. Wow that Indy bridge is awesome, TC loves to climb and explore, I know he would absolutely love this. πŸ™‚
    PS. we think the chestnut is really pretty.

  50. My indoor cat is always escaping outside. This bridge would help with our “catification” so that she will have a happy life inside. If I win, I’d like the English Chestnut stain.

  51. My indoor cat is always looking for stuff to climb, she’d be so happy to win this in the expresso =)

  52. My cats would have a blast with this. I wonder how many things they can destroy from up there. I would love to watch them on this especially the first time they got on it!! What a great idea! Ooh Espresso or Red Mahogany would be fantastic!

  53. This is one of the coolest pieces of cat furniture I’ve seen in a while. My beasties are adventurous high climbers who’d love to explore something like this.

  54. This is awesome. I would love to win this for my mom and her 4 fur babies. They would live this.

  55. With 5 beautiful tails in our house we can definitely use this bridge and make them happy. I know for sure our 3 girls will love it and go crazy climbing it and chasing each other. Thank you for the opportunity!

  56. My cat Lincoln would love to have this added to his climbing and shelf system he already has! I’d like it in the unfinished or natural so it would coordinate with what we already have. Currently we have a stair step type system that we got from Contempo Cat that allows him to access a recessed windowsill 9 feet up. But he’s a little bored with it already so this would allow my husband and I to give him access to unexplored spaces. Thanks for the opportunity and the introduction to another company that makes cat funiture!

  57. My 4 cats would love the Indiana Jones Cat Bridge from Catastrophic Creations. They love to climb their cat tree and jump from shelf to shelf. It would be a fun addition to their home. They are not picky about color and neither am I.

  58. This is the best cat walkway ever! We are always looking for the perfect kitty high places, and this seems like the best design out there. We would choose gray, but any color would be magical! Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck to everyone!

  59. I would love to win this to donate to the cat rescue where I volunteer. I can see the cats really enjoying it. They love to climb and get up high. I would probably go with the chestnut color.

  60. I would love to win the Indiana Jones Cat Bridge in Espresso with Nickel brackets. Our cat loves to climb, and we have very little that allows her to do that safely. This would go a long way towards improving her space! We are trying to find items that are safe for her to use, and that we won’t mind having in our home…these bridges are so great!!

  61. Our youngest cat, Arata (he is about 1-1/2) loves to climb and play. He’d get the most use from this and I just know he’d love it. I’d go with the Espresso finish if I’m lucky enough to win – it would best match the room I’d use this in.

  62. I rescue dogs and cats. I have many cats that would love to have this in our home. I have two former feral cats as well. They all love being up high and I would use this in our living room. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I love the stain and color that is pictured in the contest.

  63. I love this! My boys would flip over this – they love to perch up high and watch the world go by. Chestnut sounds like it would be perfect.

  64. Our cats would love this and it will be a safe way for them to climb – we have one that likes to climb along the top of the door.

  65. My cats love to be up high and I have to leave a large open space on top of 2 bookcases for them. They have there cat condo as well to sit up higher to look outside. I’d love to get this Cat Bridge in English Chestnut.

  66. I have 4 rescues and 2 are former ferals. The two former ferals are still a little skittish. An animal communicator told me that they are happy to be safe inside but sometimes they miss the great outdoors because they were both tree cats. This would be a great place for them to escape the noise and action on the ground and get a feeling of being safe “in the trees”. Sammy and Kelly would be so grateful.

  67. My boys Smokey and Onyx love being up high and would thoroughly enjoy this product! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  68. I have 6 wonderful kitties at home that I know would love to have abridge of their own! I really like the espresso color.

  69. I never knew that cats could be so individual and unique in their personalities and preferences, until my Mocha — a brown-ticked tabby/abyssinian mix came to live with his “rescue siblings” back in 1991 as a young adult fellow. I’d never seen such an acrobatic “Flying Wallenda” cat as he was. He was happiest when he was atop the tallest piece of 1850’s vintage antique furniture, usually a large walnut secretary bookcase-desk; the most upper decorative section could not even fit within the ceiling height of my “crackerbox” 1961 house. _______One day I was going in/outside to hang out loads of laundry on the back yard clothes line, when I could not account for Mocha, and was afraid he’d slipped outside. I called and called but he was nowhere to be found inside or outside the house. The storm door was securely latched each time I went outside or came in, and I’d left the main door open halfway, which opened into the kitchen/dining shared room. I tried closing the main back door, but it wouldn’t close. I saw nothing on the floor blocking it so finally looked up and Mocha was perched on the very TOP EDGE of the heavy door, his body not letting me close the door — ouch!! I felt terrible that I almost pinched him up there but he was confused and very forgiving! There was only a small few inches of vertical clearance between the top edge of the door and the ceiling. HOW he got up there AND cleared that small space to lounge atop the width of that door, I’ll never know. There was NOTHING anywhere near that door he could have jumped onto, prior to jumping onto that skinny 1.5″ thick exterior door where he was stretched out full-body length, watching me from up there the whole time! He died of a rare adrenal failure illness at age ten, and I miss him every day. But soon after his death another kitty came to live here who matches Mocha in so many ways it’s eerie! But she does not like heights. However, a neighborhood throw-away young cat that was almost dead from starvation crawled onto my porch one day and he loves high-up perches as much as Mocha did. So there is at least one of the ten special-needs rescue cats here that would dearly love the this bridge, no matter what stain color; Wessos wouldn’t care, as long as he can observe his world from as high up as possible! Thank you for this generous giveaway.

  70. My cats would flip for this since they love hanging around upside down, especially Little Furry Guy. If I don’t win, I hope that Raine does, since this seems perfect for Dr. Jones. πŸ™‚

  71. This is incredible! One of my boys is named Dr.Jones a.k.a. Indy! We also have two new additions that would go crazy for this. I really like the red mahogany stain the best, thank you for this great chance!

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